Furniture makeovers

If you’ve been reading my little blog for a while, you’ll know I am a fan of furniture makeovers.

Good looking storage is hard to come by without a hefty price tag so if you’re up for a bit of DIY, an old or humdrum piece of furniture can be made into something rather spectacular. If you don’t have a vintage piece that’s crying out for a makeover, have a look at IKEA’s untreated wood products which encourage you to get creative with the finish you want – paint, stain, wax, decoupage…

The RAST and TARVA chests of drawers are particularly popular as they are inexpensive and can be adapted to just about any setting. How cute would these two below be for kids?


Livet Hemma


Livet Hemma

Some more RAST and TARVA makeovers for ideas –

Images: Design*Sponge, Crafty Sisters, House to Home, Nothing but Bonfires


Images: Lucy Jane, Breadbox, Honey & Fitz

Have you seen or done any cool furniture makeovers lately?



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Artist love: Barry D Bulsara

Ever since I discovered the work of local artist Barry D Bulsara about a year ago, I have been a huge fan.

If, like me, you don’t take yourself too seriously, love a bit of tongue-in-cheek humour and have a little geeky side, you will love his art too!



Princess Leia / Marilyn Monroe mashup


Who but the Time Lord can really define time?!


You need to have watched the TV series The Thick Of It or the movie In The Loop to really get this. If you have watched either, you’ll know this should really say “NO WE F@!&ING CAN’T” 😛


A Dr Seuss quote we all love!


Check out Barry’s Folksy and Etsy shops for lots more of his fantastic work. The screenprints are super affordable given that they are original hand-pulled limited editions. I know where I’ll be looking for Colin’s next present… the hard part is going to be choosing which one(s) to buy!


Images from Barry D Bulsara’s website and Etsy shop



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Favourite nurseries

A big big thank you and smooches to you sweeties for all the love you gave me about my baby news!! You are so so lovely! Your comments and wishes have had me beaming 🙂

The ‘Spot the Difference’ photos were taken at 5 weeks (when we found out) and at 20 weeks (which was last week), so I’m over half way there!! WEEEEEEE! SO excited to meet my little bambino!!

We are hoping to move house soon, so it is unlikely that I’ll be decorating the nursery any time soon. Whether we move before the baby is born or after depends largely on how the housing market treats us, so it’s a bit up in the air for now. Nonetheless, I have been like a magpie when it comes to collecting images of creative, happy nurseries, so I’ll have plenty of ideas for when I am let loose on the decorating! Here are a dozen of my favourites, ranging from pink and girly to gender neutral to baby boy ‘bachelor’ pads, each with gorgeous ideas:

Amy Meier Design

Sweet and chic! I like that the ceiling was painted peachy-pink rather than the walls. The curtain fabric is darling and the chair upholstered in big red gingham fabric is sweet without being too girly. The gallery wall contains pages from a book of children’s poems and drawings – lovely!


found on Flickr

Again loving that the pink is kept off the walls and put on the floor this time, in the form of hot pink carpet tiles (very practical). Pale aqua is such a lovely soft wall colour for a little girl’s room. The giraffe shape looks like it is done with vintage wallpaper (totally do-able). A plain white roman blind can be painted using little handmade stencils et voilà – it becomes instantly more interesting!


Armelle blog

Soft blue walls again – really work so well for a little girl’s room. I love the sunny yellow cot! Like sunshine in the room.



Another painted cot which was a vintage find. The wallpaper and vintage items give this adorable nursery a comfy and happy charm. The nursery later housed a larger cot in a similar style – that one got painted a bright yellow – check it out here.


via The Boo and The Boy

It seems I have a thing for sunny yellow in nurseries! It might have something to do how grey the skies have been lately in the UK. The window seat is so cute, I can imagine a little’un sat up there enjoying a read.


Lay Baby Lay

Aqua and coral: absolutely love this beautiful girly nursery, from the sublime wall colour to the coral accents to the beautiful dresser turned into a changing table. If you are looking for a stream of nursery ideas, check out all the amazing moodboards created by Joni on Lay Baby Lay.


via Design Chic

A fun teepee, lovely big art and a beautiful carved (vintage?) sideboard for storing toys – love it all.


via Stadshem

I would love to give my bambino a large map. I know I would’ve loved one as a kid, and if I’d had one, perhaps my geography wouldn’t be so pitiful!


Elizabeth Sullivan Design

Books are cool! So I love this nursery corner and how the books form a colourful feature wall. The striped ceiling is cute too!


via Livingetc

Another striped ceiling in a very cool boy’s room. It’s yellow! 🙂 Click here to see how this boy’s room decor has matured as he has grown. The rugs, black wall, chest of drawers, ceiling light and striped yellow ceiling all remain, showing they got it right the first time!


via Mix and Chic

I like the grey camouflage walls – cooler than having just plain grey. And oh, there’s the sunny yellow again!


Design Crisis

Erin of Design Crisis calls this room her son’s baby bachelor pad! Click on the image source link to see how she put it all together and to get a closer look at the room. I love how well she mixed all the lovely vintage finds with new white baby furniture and created a very practical, hardwearing and downright gorgeous boy’s room!


Have you decorated for a little person? Any more ideas or tips? Do share!



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Excuses excuses…

Nearly 3 months since my last post… oh dear. I didn’t mean to be away for so long. If I am completely honest, my mind has been on lots of other things so I just sort of lost my blogging mojo for a while.

But anyway I am back now and I thought we could resume with a little game:






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The chair in the corner

When you want a little quiet time to snuggle into a favourite old chair with a book, which of these would you choose?

via Lonny

Emily Henderson

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

via House to Home

Do you have a corner with a comfy chair that you love?



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What do Florence+The Machine’s music and Ann Smith’s watercolours have in common?

Hello lovelies! BIG hugs to you all for bearing with my reduced blogging during this busy time. I am still snowed under but am missing you all so much, I thought I’d squeeze in a post today, especially as I am feeling energised and still buzzing from seeing Florence + The Machine last night. Best Tuesday night of my life.

Over the years, I have fallen in (and sometimes out) of love with several artists, but until Florence, I didn’t have a constant favourite. Now, more often than not, I turn to Florence to cure a creative block, to shake off nerves before a big meeting, to counsel melancholy moments, to provide company during a long drive, to block out the mundanity of household chores, or just to dance around for no reason.

Look at me, casually calling her by first name, as if I know her personally! But I feel such a connection to her music that it feels like it was written for me. I think many feel this way about her music, the complexity of which allows different people to connect to it in their own way based on their life experiences. I find her music powerful, profoundly beautiful yet fiery, edgy yet timeless, and even haunting in how it has a way of stirring things in you. There is an ethereal quality about her which makes her even more compelling.

So anyway (before I start to sound like a crazy obsessed fan), I wanted to match Florence’s ethereality to the sort of things we love to look at in this blog. One watercolour artist who immediately came to mind is Ann Smith. Her work blows me away as Florence’s music does.

I first came across Ann Smith’s watercolours in a book about painting techniques and had to immediately find more of her incredible work. Her layering of watercolours produces stunning, mind-blowing art. Here are a few of her creations…



“Wild Spirit”


More about Ann Smith and her beautiful watercolours can be found on her website.

“Painting is like dancing on paper.” – Ann Smith. Isn’t that the loveliest quote about art?

Which artist comes to your mind when you think of ethereality?

Do you have a constant favourite band / solo artist?

Would you class Florence + The Machine as a band or a solo artist? (there is so much confusion about that!)



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Arty rooms

I have such a thing for arty rooms, and the bigger the art, the better. Remember my magic Photoshop trick here? (visit the link for more arty spaces)

Images from my Pinterest

Darlings, I am taking a break from blogging for a couple of weeks as work and life are hectic right now and there are 17,398 things that I must attend to before I can resume normal-ish service here. Fret not though, as I will continue to pin lovely inspiration that I come across so there will be plenty for you to browse through on my Pinterest boards. I’ll also continue to post interesting finds on my Facebook page so be sure to join me there!

Lots of love to you all and catch you when I’m back! xxx



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