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Spring beauty this Easter

Hello lovelies! I hope you’re all having a wonderful Easter holiday!

In all my years in the UK, I’ve never known the weather in April to be so glorious, so Colin and I have been making the most of our time in the sun, celebrating this amazing spring we’re having.

We went exploring…

Marvelled at the staggering beauty and wonders of nature…

Admired the sites and architecture of Newstead Abbey…

(and how one of the resident peacocks was keeping a watchful eye out on its high perch!)

Walked through delightful gardens…

Picnicked by beautiful lakes…

It amazes me how much beauty there is virtually outside our doorstep and fully intend on drinking it all in every chance I get. It’s another beautiful blue-sky day here so I’m off for some more sunshine, nature and picnicking! I hope you’re all enjoying sunny spring days wherever you are, my darlings!


All photos by me




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Plum Chutney

(No, this is not another foodie post.)

A few days ago I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Anita Mackenzie, founder of Plum Chutney. (Yes, meeting, like in person, over cocktails! I was awestruck and starstruck and had the best time getting to know her!)

I discovered Plum Chutney through decor8’s ‘LinkWithin’ widget and instantly fell for the energy, gorgeousness and quirkiness of the products. I entered the ‘Plum Picks’ contest and much to my delight, lovely Anita emailed me back. She was visiting Nottingham for a few days and we decided to meet up. (Talk about serendipity!) Anita is as lively, delightful and fun as her products!

Anita grew up amidst the bustle of India and following her move to the UK, she has loved discovering the creative and innovative approaches adopted by independent artisans and craftsters in the west. (Long live Google!)

Her products embody the energy and vibrancy of all things Indian (rickshaws, street scenes, colourful trucks, dazzling attire, maharajas…), interpreted through her fascination of graphic and quirky design. She works with talented designers and sources from very selective companies in India to develop her stunning collections.

Visit Plum Chutney to check out all the exciting ranges of cushions, throws, art, lamps, tea towels and even shopper bags. If you are a colour lover, well then there’s no case for argument 🙂 but even in a more neutral setting, a little something from Plum Chutney may be just the thing to add a bit of zing, don’t you think?



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Spring pastels and blog makeover

Yesterday was the March equinox which means it is officially spring in the Northern hemisphere! Three cheers!

Perfect pastels for spring.
Photography by Zee Longenecker. Charming, timeless, nostalgic.
To buy Zee’s delightful prints, visit her Etsy shop HeyZee.

You may have noticed, I have given my blog a bit of a makeover. I have been rather drawn to bright colours against a white backdrop lately, so that’s the direction I’ve taken. It’s still a bit of a work-in-progress so there may be a few more tweaks. If you follow this blog on an RSS reader or via email, do pop over and check out the new look – I’d love to know what you think.

As some of you know, I recently decided to dip my big toe into the phenomenon that is Facebook. A great big bear hug and thank you to everyone who has ‘liked’ my page so far. Sometimes I come across astounding things that I want to share with you beautiful people, but the material isn’t always sufficient for a whole post, so I will share such things on my Facebook page. If you want to see even more gorgeous goodies and perhaps even have a bit of a banter, all you have to do is go to my Facebook page and click the ‘Like’ button – easy peasy. I would be most honoured to have your company there too.

Cheers, medears. Have a great Monday and a super week ahead!



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Garden wish list

It’s nearly spring, isn’t it? Temperatures have actually reach double-digits a few times lately. Never mind that it’s going back to 2°C at the weekend or that the wind has been so crazy, it has actually knocked off some of my roof tiles which just missed my car by 5cm as they came crashing down. No, it’s all ok, because spring is just around the corner! 🙂

I am an urbanite so my current garden is more like a little back yard which I am hoping to turn into a darling ‘urban garden’ this spring. I do have aspirations of owning a proper garden when Colin and I buy our next home (in the not-too-distant future) and I have already got a little wish list for this imaginary future garden:


a cute swing


gorgeous garden furniture


a hammock for the precious sunny summer days we get


cute colourful planters


an arch… perhaps I am fantasizing a little about the size of my future garden


a workshop where I can restore and paint furniture


a little furry friend to keep me company


I don’t ask for much 🙂


Images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7



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Last night may have been the coldest May night for many many years, but beautiful bright butterflies everywhere are bringing lots of spring cheer – indoors and outdoors.

I wish I could talk about live butterflies but sadly I can’t remember the last time I saw one – I live in a city. However, I can talk about butterflies in home décor – butterfly prints, cushions, wallpapers, lights, clocks, mirrors… I am loving them!

From letter holders and keyrings…

Urban Outfitters, M&S

to home and garden decor


Dwell, Nettle Green


Love these butterfly mirrors and hooks – so pretty and elegant.

Bombay Duck, Graham & Green, BHS

And fabulous butterfly lighting!

Tim Budden, Alex Earl

Innermost, Bodo Sperlein

Bodo Sperlein

For the truly butterfly-obsessed, how about these whimsical silver and gold salt and pepper shakers? 🙂



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