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Leather sofas: what’s hot and what’s not

I generally tend to prefer fabric sofas over leather ones but recently I have come across a few vintage leather beauties that I have really wanted to take home with me.

Lovely worn leather, classic design, timeless style


Before we carry on with beautiful leather sofas, can we just very quickly touch on the vast number of hideous leather sofas in the market? Why are such things even being made?? I get that leather sofas are generally bought for their practicality, but why not add in a bit of style to the list of criteria for such a significant piece of furniture? Please can people stop fuelling any further demand for fugly ones like these:

Bleurgh! Definitely NOT hot!


Enough of the nasties. Now we can relax with some inspirational pretties which not only marry durability with incredible style, but would also be investment pieces as they are sure to be loved forever.

via Desire to Inspire


Hard to go wrong with a chesterfield! This one is from Anthropologie but you could probably find a similar vintage one at a good price if you looked around.


via The Brick House


Lovely pale turquoise leather; via Design*Sponge


The style of this lovely warm grey leather sofa from West Elm is rather like a modern take on a chesterfield.


Which one of these would you pick if you could take it home with you?







In other news, I am about ready to pop so I’ll say ciao for now to the blogging world.

I’ll be back after the event, when I feel I have regained some of my wits about me!










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The chair in the corner

When you want a little quiet time to snuggle into a favourite old chair with a book, which of these would you choose?

via Lonny

Emily Henderson

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

via House to Home

Do you have a corner with a comfy chair that you love?



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Arty rooms

I have such a thing for arty rooms, and the bigger the art, the better. Remember my magic Photoshop trick here? (visit the link for more arty spaces)

Images from my Pinterest

Darlings, I am taking a break from blogging for a couple of weeks as work and life are hectic right now and there are 17,398 things that I must attend to before I can resume normal-ish service here. Fret not though, as I will continue to pin lovely inspiration that I come across so there will be plenty for you to browse through on my Pinterest boards. I’ll also continue to post interesting finds on my Facebook page so be sure to join me there!

Lots of love to you all and catch you when I’m back! xxx



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Old world charm

End of the week at last! I hope you’ve all had a good one. I find the first week back to work rather difficult: early rises and long work hours are a sudden change from the lazy mornings, fun and games, eating, drinking and merry-making of the holidays. Still, back to routine is necessary and one mustn’t grumble, yes?

After finishing work for the week, I was having a tidy on my macbook (it gets so cluttered) and happened upon photos of a wonderful gem of a hotel where Colin and I had spent a weekend last summer – Langar Hall. I’ll just drop in here that it is Paul Smith’s choice of accommodation when he is in this part of the island. 🙂

This was the homely, charming room we stayed in: all mix and match, lovingly decorated with an unmistakable love of antiques (no shabby chic or deliberate distressing). While the room had an old world feel, there was nothing dated about it, but rather a nice feeling as if visiting dear old gran who has an excellent eye for timeless, cosy style and she has prepared her best guestroom for you!

I’ve stayed in hotels ranging from grubby to posh, rural farmhouse to city skyscraper. As I remembered my time at Langar Hall, I realised how much I loved staying there over the sleek and contemporary Columbus Hotel in Monte Carlo some years ago. Does that sound weird? Yes, I know it does. I’ve turned into a soppy old romantic. That’s not to say I’m going to fill my home with old furniture, but I do like working some antique pieces with newer items.

Anyway, here are some places (from books I treasure) that I would love to step into for a while, to soak in the charm and character, and to rejoice in seeing antiques thriving.

Farrow & Ball: Art of Colour, Brian D Coleman

William Yeoward at Home: Elegant Living and Entertaining in Town and Country

William Yeoward at Home: Elegant Living and Entertaining in Town and Country

Perfect English, Ros Byam Shaw

Perfect English, Ros Byam Shaw

Perfect English, Ros Byam Shaw

Perfect English, Ros Byam Shaw

Perfect English Cottage, Ros Byam Shaw

Perfect English Cottage, Ros Byam Shaw

So… are you feeling the olde worlde charm or has this made you feel stuffy? Do you have an urge to get these books so you too can pretend to step into these places, or do you think I am beginning to sound old?? Do tell!



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Happy ‘Tangerine Tango’ New Year!

A very happy new year to you, my lovelies!
May it be better and brighter than ever!

I hope you have had a wonderful, joyous time over the holidays and are feeling recharged and excited about the possibilities and opportunities in the year ahead!

When the clear up of the holidays is done, I like to add little invigorating touches around the house to get me energised for the year ahead. So I am feeling quite happy with Pantone’s colour of 2012: ‘Tangerine Tango’, a deep radiant red-orange that is vivacious yet friendly; quite a feel-good cheery colour. Even if you’re not one for bright colours, a tiny amount of this colour in the form of flowers, art or even a bowl of tangerines will energise your surroundings.

If you want to use this colour in your decor, here are a couple of examples I adore that may inspire you:

I love this room for its bright breezy feel, casual atmosphere, *gorgeous* rug and vibrant tangerine pops… a perfect room to beat the January blues!

Window treatments like this excite me. I love how this dramaticises the high ceiling, and being a sheer curtain, it doesn’t block any light thus keeps the space feeling breezy.

Will you be tangoing with tangerine orange? Whether you love this colour or not, I hope you’re having a peppy start to 2012!


Images 1 Serenity in Design | 2 unknown


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Cheery contrast: blue & red

Drake Design Associates

The weather has turned dreary and rainy in this part of the world so I am looking at a perk-me-up colour combination: turquoisey blue (think blue sky and sea) teamed with bright vibrant red.



House of Turquoise


Homes & Antiques


La Maison Boheme

It even works for a cosier, more romantic look.


Apartment Therapy

Aren’t these just the prettiest little girls’ rooms? SO much better than a sickly pink overload. (Speaking of which, can somebody please explain why some parents insist on surrounding their girls in pink? Because I really don’t understand it.)

Little Green Notebook


Hotel Missoni, Edinburgh


Conversation Pieces

Looks like the most fun wedding ever, yes?


Do you have colours that you turn to when you need perking up? Or any other tricks for a dreary grey day?



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Home tour: mixing old and new in a country setting

This is a sort of second installment to the previous post where we ogled over designer Jimmy Stanton’s urban condo in Atlanta.

He and his partner also have a beautiful home in the Georgia countryside so there is even more of their gorgeous style to feast your eyes on.

Warm khaki-grey walls, harmonious blend of old and new, different shapes and textures… there are so many interesting things to look at, yet the overall feel is SO comfortable and homely.

The grouping of pressed botanicals set against black paper is fabulous and I love that the seat is not centered to the art wall… rebellious!

LOVE the old submarine ceiling lights!

They really have thought of everything in this beautiful home… there are even speakers wired into the tree trunks! *cue soft music in the air*

So if it was a choice between the condo in the previous post or this country home, which one would you pick?


Images from Atlanta Homes



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