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Bookish spaces


I just found out that last Thursday was World Book Day. A day for books? How wonderful! Did you know about this?

Well, I love books. And shelves filled with books. Home libraries bring so much character to a space, whether they are bright and airy, or dark and cosy, or colourful and quirky.

How do you display your collection of books?

Do you have a large collection…

or a cute little corner?

C and I have more books than we have space to display them so I am always looking for inspiration to figure out ways to display ours in the space we’ve got.

Here are some lovely bookish spaces that have been floating around in my inspiration library…

Such an artful display

White walls, white floors, white furniture + lots of colour through books & art = stunning!

Again, gorgeous colours through books and art

And again! I could be very happy here on the plump cushions, lost in a book

Love the idea of painting some of the shelves in a contrasting colour

Turquoise hit!

There’s the option to draw the lovely green curtain to conceal the bookcase, but I wouldn’t, it looks lovely just the way it is.

Have you ever seen anything more charming??

All that magnificent teal… of course I had to feature it!

Love this home library, what an amazing space!
Although, I’m a little undecided about sitting on a cow hide. Assuming the seat is covered in nice fabric, I’d be quite happy with just some cutesy cushions. What would you do?

Do you have a home library / reading corner?

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