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Home tour: mixing old and new in a country setting

This is a sort of second installment to the previous post where we ogled over designer Jimmy Stanton’s urban condo in Atlanta.

He and his partner also have a beautiful home in the Georgia countryside so there is even more of their gorgeous style to feast your eyes on.

Warm khaki-grey walls, harmonious blend of old and new, different shapes and textures… there are so many interesting things to look at, yet the overall feel is SO comfortable and homely.

The grouping of pressed botanicals set against black paper is fabulous and I love that the seat is not centered to the art wall… rebellious!

LOVE the old submarine ceiling lights!

They really have thought of everything in this beautiful home… there are even speakers wired into the tree trunks! *cue soft music in the air*

So if it was a choice between the condo in the previous post or this country home, which one would you pick?


Images from Atlanta Homes




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Home tour: mixing old and new in an urban setting

Few home tours get me as excited as this one which I came across on the Mix and Chic blog recently. I’ve had the image above in my inspiration folder for a while so I was thrilled to see more of the house and find out about the owner, designer Jimmy Stanton, who has a knack for re-purposing cast-off objects as well as mixing old and new to gorgeous effect.

Jimmy and his partner Patrick have done wonders with their 2-bed urban condo in Atlanta, Georgia. The eclectic style is as comfortable, homely and cosy as it is smart and gorgeous.

The industrial and rustic elements are beautifully balanced by softer colours.

A free standing fireplace in an unused alcove… why not?

The brightly striped bed cover offsets the grey walls and rugged rusticity of the headboard.

Fabulous way to re-purpose an old scale!

Sexy inky black walls in the bathroom.
10 points if you noticed the submarine light sconce!

In the category of urban condos, this one is by far my favourite. It is chic without being ostentatious, and homely rather than overly precious. I could very happily cosy up here! My love for industrial and rustic touches probably plays a big part here. : )

What do you think of this place? Is this your kind of style or is it too masculine for you? If you could move in, would you change anything? (I would add a bit of sparkle while still keeping with the style.)


Images from Atlanta Homes



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The Selby visits Abigail Ahern

If there was an award for creative expression, it would go to interior designer Abigail Ahern for her fearlessly eclectic, witty and yet rather glamorous philosophy to design.

Photographer Todd Selby recently captured Abigail in her fascinating home…


As Abigail says “the best interiors are those that don’t take themselves too seriously”. 🙂

Photos from The Selby



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Can exposed stone walls take your breath away?

I am completely besotted with this home in Southern France.

Once an old mill, this place was rebuilt into an absolutely gorgeous home.

I am going gaga over the breathtaking architecture: the stunning windows, high ceilings, exposed beams, and most of all, the beautiful stone walls.

I am lost for proper words… just love this home with the most beautiful stone walls I have ever come across.

The decor is also divine. I adore the combination of rustic charm with stunning sophistication.

Dark greys = très chic!

This is SO my kind of dream home.


Source: Nuevo Estilo


P.S. Apologies for my lack of posts recently. Life is rather busy at present, and when do I get a break, I am trying to make the most of the sunshine and glorious long evenings (can you tell I am a sunbird?).



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Vintage posters

I’m going crazy over all the vintage poster art in this Soho loft.

The Chesterfield, traditional rug, vintage dresser and large windows are adding to my excitement.

Even in the bathroom!


This kind of cool renders me lost for words and weak in the knees. What might you call such an affliction?


Images via Houzz



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Lavender loveliness

I am feeling rather seduced by the pretty lavender accents in this glorious Madrid loft.

In fact, I am seduced by the whole space. It is such a perfect balance of rustic industrial and contemporary with soft sumptuous textures, beautiful colours and a laid-back vibe. Swoon worthy, I say!

Images: micasarevista


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Golden glamour

Given the arctic freeze we are experiencing, I find myself drawn to the warmth of golden tones more than ever! Gold isn’t just about the sparkle of the holiday season or traditional grand opulence. Tastefully done, a hit of gold can look effortlessly glamorous, fabulously luxe, sophisticated and timeless… and sometimes just the thing for that dash of panache.
Black and white = boring. Black, white and gold = glam!

Tea rose pink, soft cream and gold = pretty, feminine and fabulous!

Romantic –

Rustic sophistication –

Colourful eclectic glamour –

Wowza! What a wall hanging!

Images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

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