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Icons of yesteryear… still inspiring

During my interweb travels (procrastination) this morning, I came across a brilliant segment called ‘Separated At Birth’ on the fabulous blog sfgirlbybay.







Aren’t the pairings just fabulous?!

Lots more lovely to be found at sfgirlbybay so check it out!




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Fashion meets room (an Indian take)

My lovelies, have I got a colour feast in store for you today!

You may have come across some ‘fashion meets room’ posts around the blogosphere where a lovely outfit is matched with a drool-worthy room. Well, earlier this week, I came across an ‘Indian fashion meets room’ over at the fabulous Designwali blog – it is very much a WOW post.

These are a couple of the pairings that Designwali featured (click on the images to enlarge) –


See? WOW!

Ethnic fashion is bursting with vibrancy and stunning colour combinations, so what better source of inspiration when you’re looking for a peppy space?

Designwali’s post got me very excited and inspired me to make a few pairings of my own –





Happy weekend, everyone!


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