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A peek into my home

sneak peek!

This is exciting! I am over at the swoonilicious Swoon Worthy blog today, showing a peek into my home for the first time ever and talking about my favourite room, creatively achieved on an itsy bitsy budget.

If you’ve ever wondered how I go about designing my own humble little home… well, there are no designer names to be found, nor any sort of design process or rules that are followed, but there is plenty of heart. 🙂

I know you’re just dying of curiosity so I shan’t keep you any longer, hop on over to Swoon Worthy now!



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Creative Christmas decorating

I hope your December is shaping up well with the festivities, my lovelies! I love a little homemade holiday cheer and have been soaking up all the creative decorating ideas around the blogs and magazines. These are some of my favourites:

Globe men instead of a tree: brilliantly unique and very cute!
via The Holiday Guide by Emily Henderson


Wine corks & jingle bells wreath; star cookie cutters wreath – both via Good Housekeeping


Cinnamon candles via Hobbycraft


Patchwork baubles via The Guardian


Charming rustic decorations, image via Where Did You Find That

I also came across a fantastically cute (non-Christmassy) idea by Nina Holst on her blog Stylizimo that instantly grabbed me – washi tape antlers. At this point I would say that I think the antler trend is overdone, I mean it is everywhere, which is probably why I haven’t bought into it, but… washi tape antlers are such a fun idea! Zero commitment, negligible cost and so very cute! So I adopted Nina’s idea with a little Christmas cheer –

I was planning on making some mini ornaments but haven’t found the time yet so making do with little glass baubles and a gold robin for now. I love that I can have it up all year round, with or without seasonal ornaments (I painted the tacks the same colour as the tape background so they’re hardly noticeable). I originally thought about taping straight on my wall like Nina but decided on a piece of MDF instead (primed and painted the same colour as the walls) as this way I can put it anywhere I want.


Have you done any crafting or creative decorating for Christmas? I would love to know your ideas!

P.S. How amazing is washi tape?? Have you used it for anything? It is addictive!! I foresee my collection growing very rapidly!



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A bit of Voltaire wisdom

Love this Voltaire quote on this adorable ceramic dish made by Mary Burrows (MB Art Studios on Etsy)

I hope you’re all having a happy week! 🙂



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Gifting + lots of freebie printable tags!

As wonderful as it is to receive gifts, I love giving gifts far more! Saying that, I do tend to really rack my brain trying to find the *perfect* gifts for my dear ones, so there is quite the triumphant feeling when I find just the thing I know they’ll love. Wrapping it up then becomes a whole other joy!

I’m already at it this year…

Yes, my tree is up. Told you I get excited.

Some of my inspiration came from the lovely ideas featured in the House of Fifty magazine, Holiday issue

Ok, I pretty much stole the ideas here as I loved them!

I cut out snowflake shapes from white foam sheets – could also use felt but I already had the foam (snowflake templates widely available on the internet), designed the little pocket using freely available digital scrapbooking elements and used wallpaper samples for wrapping (again, FREE! I accumulate way too many in my work). If using wallpaper for wrapping, you’ll want the thinner type as you’ll have no chance of sticking tape onto the thicker vinyl wallpapers. All the tags were free printables (I’ll get to them later). The red yarn, baker’s twine and ribbon are from my crafting stash. All I bought were some mini jingle bells for a quid from ebay and candy canes for another quid from Sainsburys. Anyway, the point of all this rambling is that money has nothing to do with making presents look wonderful, it’s all about the love baby!

If you’re looking for ideas to add that special sprinkling of love to your gifts, maybe some of these will inspire you –

A touch of sparkle via Affari

Gold glitter, velvet and peacock feather via The Holiday Guide by Emily Henderson

Love the big newspaper bow! via The Holiday Guide by Emily Henderson

Fabric wrap via Harabu House

Fabric poppy gift topper via Creature Comforts (see link for tutorial)

Layers of geometric patterns and lovely handmade clay tags via Creature Comforts. I want to get my hands on some polymer clay soon and make some clay goodies.

Beautiful white textured paper and vintage fabric ribbon via Rebecca Newport


On to the second part of this post – free printable gift tags that are so much more adorable than any shop-bought ones, courtesy of lovely, creative, artistic, generous bloggers. There are LOTS of free printable tags around the blogosphere; here is a little roundup of some I found in my short hunt. They’re from various years, so some of you may have previously seen some of them (click on the links to be taken to the posts for downloading the files)

Peace, Love and Reindeer Hugs designed by Amy Moss of Eat Drink Chic

Too cute for words! Designed by Arian Armstrong

Candy sweet retro gift tags designed by Samantha Hahn, featured in Gifted Magazine. Make sure you check out this lovely e-magazine for gift ideas and more printable freebies!

Cheery and cute, designed by Kristen Magee of Domestifluff

Adorable! Designed by Studio Morran

Other colours also available. Designed by Paper Crave

Darling tags designed by Haciendo el Indio, free to download from the bigcartel shop (more available there)

Sweet tags in 3 colours, designed by Ez of Creature Comforts

Pretty tags for handmade gifts, designed by Sew, Mama, Sew!


Phew! I think this post has gone on long enough! I need to start my weekend.

Happy weekend to you all, hope it’s a fun one!



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Christmas countdown: advent calendars

Break out your advent calendars, the Christmas countdown has begun!

Are you excited? I AM!

A little creativity goes a long way with advent calendars and the excitement+fun of Christmas. Here are some cute DIY advent ideas –

Pyramid advent via Julie Ree

Matchbox advent via Living at Home

Cone advent via The Red Thread

Decorated pegs via Umla on Tumblr

A different way with magnetic spice jars via Twig & Thistle

Coffee cups advent via Living at Home

Plexiglass balls via Living at Home

Mini buckets via Sage

Santa’s truck via Living at Home

Advent ‘cake’ via House of Fifty magazine


Do you have an advent calendar this year?

Happy counting down!

via Julie Ree



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Fairy lights

What is it about flirty little lights that brings such enchanting cheer to a space? Whatever the season, I love a little fairy light twinkle!

Graham & Green


hello lovely inc

hello lovely inc

hello lovely inc

Cox & Cox

House to Home

Cable & Cotton

There are endless possibilities with fairy lights. Battery powered ones are particularly versatile – string them just about anywhere or wrap them around anything without any trailing wires.

Exquisite silk rose fairy lights from Pam Angus on Etsy, sitting pretty on my shelf

For thrifty decorative fairy lights, how about making your own from egg cases, like below?

DIY flower fairy lights (click on link for tutorial)

Are you feeling the fairy light magic?



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Going potty for Elizabeth Prince Ceramics

I recently came across Elizabeth Prince Ceramics, and it was a cuteness overload. I was instantly smitten.

Elizabeth Prince is a Manchester-based ceramicist who combines her love of retro and vintage with modern design to create designs that are likely to melt your heart! See for yourself…

Little bird bowls


Little heart bowls


Poppy bowls


Ornaments, wall art, fruit bowls and more

I particularly love the designs with vintage lace imprints. Check out her etsy shop for more lovely items – Prince Design UK.

How is one to resist?!


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