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Artist love: Barry D Bulsara

Ever since I discovered the work of local artist Barry D Bulsara about a year ago, I have been a huge fan.

If, like me, you don’t take yourself too seriously, love a bit of tongue-in-cheek humour and have a little geeky side, you will love his art too!



Princess Leia / Marilyn Monroe mashup


Who but the Time Lord can really define time?!


You need to have watched the TV series The Thick Of It or the movie In The Loop to really get this. If you have watched either, you’ll know this should really say “NO WE F@!&ING CAN’T” πŸ˜›


A Dr Seuss quote we all love!


Check out Barry’s Folksy and Etsy shops for lots more of his fantastic work. The screenprints are super affordable given that they are original hand-pulled limited editions. I know where I’ll be looking for Colin’s next present… the hard part is going to be choosing which one(s) to buy!


Images from Barry D Bulsara’s website and Etsy shop




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What do Florence+The Machine’s music and Ann Smith’s watercolours have in common?

Hello lovelies! BIG hugs to you all for bearing with my reduced blogging during this busy time. I am still snowed under but am missing you all so much, I thought I’d squeeze in a post today, especially as I am feeling energised and still buzzing from seeing Florence + The Machine last night. Best Tuesday night of my life.

Over the years, I have fallen in (and sometimes out) of love with several artists, but until Florence, I didn’t have a constant favourite. Now, more often than not, I turn to Florence to cure a creative block, to shake off nerves before a big meeting, to counsel melancholy moments, to provide company during a long drive, to block out the mundanity of household chores, or just to dance around for no reason.

Look at me, casually calling her by first name, as if I know her personally! But I feel such a connection to her music that it feels like it was written for me. I think many feel this way about her music, the complexity of which allows different people to connect to it in their own way based on their life experiences. I find her music powerful, profoundly beautiful yet fiery, edgy yet timeless, and even haunting in how it has a way of stirring things in you. There is an ethereal quality about her which makes her even more compelling.

So anyway (before I start to sound like a crazy obsessed fan), I wanted to match Florence’s ethereality to the sort of things we love to look at in this blog. One watercolour artist who immediately came to mind is Ann Smith. Her work blows me away as Florence’s music does.

I first came across Ann Smith’s watercolours in a book about painting techniques and had to immediately find more of her incredible work. Her layering of watercolours produces stunning, mind-blowing art. Here are a few of her creations…



“Wild Spirit”


More about Ann Smith and her beautiful watercolours can be found on her website.

“Painting is like dancing on paper.” – Ann Smith. Isn’t that the loveliest quote about art?

Which artist comes to your mind when you think of ethereality?

Do you have a constant favourite band / solo artist?

Would you class Florence + The Machine as a band or a solo artist? (there is so much confusion about that!)



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Arty rooms

I have such a thing for arty rooms, and the bigger the art, the better. Remember my magic Photoshop trick here? (visit the link for more arty spaces)

Images from my Pinterest

Darlings, I am taking a break from blogging for a couple of weeks as work and life are hectic right now and there are 17,398 things that I must attend to before I can resume normal-ish service here. Fret not though, as I will continue to pin lovely inspiration that I come across so there will be plenty for you to browse through on my Pinterest boards. I’ll also continue to post interesting finds on my Facebook page so be sure to join me there!

Lots of love to you all and catch you when I’m back! xxx



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A peek into my home

sneak peek!

This is exciting! I am over at the swoonilicious Swoon Worthy blog today, showing a peek into my home for the first time ever and talking about my favourite room, creatively achieved on an itsy bitsy budget.

If you’ve ever wondered how I go about designing my own humble little home… well, there are no designer names to be found, nor any sort of design process or rules that are followed, but there is plenty of heart. πŸ™‚

I know you’re just dying of curiosity so I shan’t keep you any longer, hop on over to Swoon Worthy now!


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Artist love: Lucky Jackson of 365 Lucky Days

I am smitten with Lucky Jackson and her wonderful fabric embroidery art that I came across on her blog, 365 Lucky Days, which is her project of creating a new piece every day for 365 days.

With most pieces, she gives a witty story about what inspired her creation, thus letting us get to know her. She is just as lovely as her art! Here are some pieces that I felt quite connected to:

“5 more minutes”… exactly how I felt on this frosty Monday morning.

Longing for warm sunshine and a chance to lie on a hammock with a book.

Don’t we all wish we could do chores glamorously?

If you know me, you’ll know I love to bake.

Joan from Mad Men. It’s not just men who are a little bit in love with her, admit it! Best TV show ever made? I definitely think so.

Tina Fey… one of the funniest women on TV I love to watch.

My best job ever (next to my current one, of course) was when I worked in a law library. (A little titbit about myself.)

Did you fantasize about being a superhero when you were a kid? I still do!

Can’t resist a pretty settee.

A perfect gift for upcoming Valentine’s day!

Smitten yet? Be sure to visit her blog to browse through many many more of her amazing creations, with one more added every day! And you can even get your hands on one of them through her bigcartel shop. If you have your eye on a piece, you’ll have to hurry, as they are selling fast (unsurprisingly)!



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Artist love: Michele Ranard of hello lovely inc {& GIVEAWAY!}

For those of you who don’t know the fabulous and talented Michele of hello lovely inc, I am delighted to introduce her to you.

Not only is she a gorgeous bombshell, she is a fantastic, witty writer as well as an artist, creating beautifully layered mixed media pieces and word art.

Michele says, “For me it’s about creating from a place of intuition, the soul, and not techniques… I would like to think there is childlike wisdom and wonder in the pieces… I use materials I have collected for years and years. I naturally notice patterns and see a lovely connectedness in things others may overlook so the art is one way of sort of synthesizing and sharing what I have absorbed.”

Michele’s creations contain secrets and half-hidden messages and incorporate a ‘mood’, from hushed quiet tones to adorably cute to bizarrely humorous!

Many of her mixed media pieces are made on covers of old books that would otherwise have been discarded, so they can sit happily on their own or look amazing in a frame.

Unsurprisingly, Michele has a growing fan base and often receives private commissions so many of her pieces are sold even before she lists them in her etsy shop! She also sells lovely vintage bling in the shop.

To top of the fabulous good looks, cheeky chicness, delightful wit and lovely creativity, Michele is also very generous of spirit, which brings me to the part I know you have all been waiting for – the GIVEAWAY!

Here is your chance to win ANY one piece (under $50) that you like from her etsy shop. So browse through her shop and leave a comment here saying what you would like to win.

There are many chances to win this fabulous giveaway so for extra entries:

  1. Become a follower of Michele’s blog, hello lovely inc and leave a comment here. (If you are already a follower, just leave a comment to let me know.)
  2. Like First Sense on Facebook and leave a comment here. (If you have already joined me on Facebook, just leave a comment to let me know.)
  3. Share this giveaway on Facebook and leave a comment here with the link.
  4. Tweet about this giveaway and leave a comment here with the link.
  5. Blog about this giveaway or add the giveaway button on your sidebar for TWO entries; leave two comments saying “Reblogged”, and “Reblogged again”.

The giveaway is open to everyone and will run until the end of the month, closing at 11:59pm GMT on 31st October.

Congratulations to Danielle V who was picked by as the lucky winner from the 55 qualifying entries and won the fabulously witty Beauty’s Lot collage by Michele!



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Decorating with letters

Splendid Willow

source unknown

Carolina Eclectic

scanned from Creative Walls: How to Display and Enjoy Your Treasured Collections

With spaces as cool as these, I don’t really need to say much, do I?

Do you like letters/words on your walls or do you think decorating with letters is tacky? If you think any of these spaces are anything other than COOL, I shall have to challenge you. πŸ™‚


Thank you to everyone who commented about Gavin Harrison’s work in my previous post. I know art is a very subjective thing, so artists appreciate all kinds of support which lets them know others find their work interesting/amazing/intriguing/wonderful. All qualifying entries for one of Gavin’s cards were put into a virtual hat ( and the name picked out was…

Congratulations Sarah! Couldn’t agree with you more!



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