I am an interior designer based in Nottingham, proprietor of First Sense Interiors which provides interior design services to clients in the East Midlands (Nottingham, Derby and Leicester) and online design services to clients nationwide.

Interior design was not my natural path. I came from a clan of actuaries, bankers and accountants so I too was guided along the corporate road, but that didn’t last very long: my creative free spirit had other ideas.

It started out as a desire to personalise my first little home, helping friends decorate theirs and finding sweet escape in images of beautiful spaces. The escape turned into a dream of being able to stay in the design world all the time, of creating gorgeous spaces for people that made them happy and reflected their personalities. I could think of nothing more fulfilling and perfect for me. As distant as it felt, I started taking baby steps towards the dream. So while by day I was writing statistical programmes, after work hours I was re-training to become a designer (a huge thank you to my husband Colin, who took care of the house while I studied, made sure I was fed and watered, and never let me lose focus on the goal).

Fast forward a few years… I had qualified with Distinctions, had a load of project experience under my belt and left the corporate world for good. I was a designer, working crazy hours to set up my own business and loving every minute of it. One evening, Colin and I were relaxing with a glass of The First Sight Sauv Blanc Marlborough (a very nice everyday wine!), playing around with names for my business, when he looked at the bottle of wine and said, “What about First Sight?” It was a eureka moment, I have a genius husband. I loved it instantly and after a bit of thought, changed ‘Sight’ to ‘Sense’ because good design is not just about aesthetics but talks to all the senses. Thus, inspired by a bottle of wine, First Sense Interiors was born.

I am continually amazed by the incredible talent in the creative world and started this blog as a way to catalogue my inspirations and fascinations. If, like me, you enjoy a little distraction, get yourself a cuppa and have a little browse around. Leave me a comment if anything grabs you, don’t be shy! I love to hear from my readers! If you like what you see, I hope you’ll join me on facebook. You can also subscribe via email or RSS feed.

A big thank you to everyone who has subscribed to this little blog, I am thrilled and humbled that you like what I do here. I will continue trying to make this little slice of the internet an enjoyable and inspiring perusal filled with creative loveliness and decorating tips.

Thank you for visiting!