Baby and RSS Readers

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Anyone who says motherhood is a full time job is either playing it down or has an army of staff. It is FIVE jobs at least – a housekeeper, a cleaner, a cook, a nanny and baby’s personal entertainer.

Nicholas is STRONG-willed, curious, sweet, cuddly and SO MUCH FUN. A little lion cub. (There is a danger of lion-themed toys and prints taking over my house, help!)
I have realised that no amount of advice could have prepared me for the challenges of being a new parent but I am absolutely loving being Mummy to the most incredible boy on the planet (I am genetically programmed to think this way, so just roll with it, k?). I can’t quite work out whether the last 6 months have flown by (he seems to be growing up SO FAST) or feel like forever (I can barely remember life before him). His smiles make me melt into a puddle and his laughs make my heart soar. I am virtually exploding with love and joy and pride every day and I don’t want to miss a moment of it.

Amidst the melting, exploding and soaring, my days are swallowed up in house tasks, taking him out and preparing to move house, so I have sort of lost touch with a lot of other things, like the rest of the world, particularly online. I hope you’ll forgive my lack of presence in blogland. I rarely spend any time on my Macbook these days. In fact I snapped these photos over a month ago and have only just uploaded them. I do expect to get back to blogging regularly and interacting with my favourite blogs… I just don’t know when yet.

Anyway, how do you keep up with your favourite blogs? Do you use an RSS reader? The blogs I usually follow are organised by category in Google Reader but that is getting the axe (silly decision, Google) so I need to switch to an equally useful alternative. Sarah of Modern Country Style wrote a great informative post about Google Reader alternatives and favours Feedly. Do YOU use Feedly? Do you like using it? Any users of any other readers? I should check out all the options myself but my spare time is non-existent right now and you’re all super-helpful, so do let me know your recommendations please. Ta very much! πŸ™‚




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7 responses to “Baby and RSS Readers

  1. I responded on Facebook but just realised there was some gorgeous pictures of that precious little man to take in on your post!! Goodness, he’s a cutie – looks so much like you too. And you can see he’s got a proper little personality!! Love these shots, stop being so greedy with pictures, I want more!! Busy schmizzy πŸ˜‰ (I’m JOKING really, bless ya, he looks like a proper handful ;))

    So yeah, Bloglovin’ I like a lot – it ‘greys out’ the blog posts you have read and it gives you the first image and a snippet of text so you can see what the post is about before clicking through. Once you click through, if there are a number of posts from the blog you are reading that you haven’t seen, there’s a little counter on the top that you can click that will let you go through all the posts you are ‘behind’ on so you don’t miss anything… and then when you go back into Bloglovin’ you can see those posts are greyed out which means you’ve read them. All in all, a nice little handy site.

    I like it anyway and use it so that’s my recommendation. I don’t know about Feedly, never used it so can’t comment on that one!

    Take care of yourself hun and make sure you are taking a little time for you too, eh? (easier said than done I realise!) Miss ya! xxx

    • Cheers for your informative input both on facebook and here, my lovely! And thank you for your sweet words :-). It’s funny you say Nicholas looks like me: through some magic gene mix, he looks like me if he is with me, and looks like Colin if he is with him! Our little cocktail!
      As for time for myself… that is a bit of dream right now. I haven’t even been to a hair salon in over 8 months. 😐

  2. Modern Country Style

    I’ve properly switched now to Feebly and, after my initial panic (!), I like it every bit as much as Google. Also tried The Old Reader which was good (v similar to GR) but too slow.
    As to babies and blogging, I am all over the place too! I am SO enjoying every moment of babyness…..isn’t it incredible?

    • Thank you so much for your feedback, Sarah (and for the post on your blog)! Feedly sounds quite similar to Google Reader.
      And for the baby stuff, I have IMMENSE admiration for you having five kiddies. Just ONE little cub seems to be taking up 40 hours of each day… uh huh, time makes no sense to me anymore. πŸ™‚ xxx

  3. shanthinagothu

    That’s a lovely post and Nicholoas is sooooooooooo cute. You are his world now and enjoy all the times with him.

  4. It looks like the choices are Feedly and Bloglovin’, and I found a fantastic article comparing the two –
    I think Feedly wins it for someone like me who needs a very quick switch with all my Google Reader folders/categories intact and allows me to read full posts within the interface.

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