Hello world!

Hello everyone! My name is Nicholas. My mummy was feeling a bit tired so I put her down for a nap and thought I’d use this opportunity to introduce myself. I am now 3 weeks old. I am the new assistant at First Sense. Mummy and I will be back blogging in the near future, so we will catch you all again soon!



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19 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Colin

    I hope Mummy gets a nice sleep, Nicholas. Make sure she has a good feed when she wakes up too!

  2. Victoria Athens

    Congratulations, Meera. You did a great job. Nicholas is beautiful.

  3. Welcome to the world Nicholas and huge congratulations to you Meera! He looks adorable! Hope you’re both well xo

  4. Congratulations! He is beautiful….

  5. Congratulations! And hugs to you and your precious one!

  6. Big cuddles to the gorgeous little man!! Take it easy my dear, we’ll be here whenever you are ready to return 😉 xxx

  7. Gaelle Monin

    Congratulations Meera, you must be so proud, he’s adorable.


  8. welcome to the world, nicholas!

    what a miracle, meera. i hope you are taking care of yourself. i am sure you have fallen in love…

    love to you.


  9. Huge, huge congratulations on your lovely little baby. Nicholas is an absolutely gorgeous name…for an absolutely gorgeous baby!


  10. What a cutie! CONGRATULATIONS! Children are such blessings.

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