Leather sofas: what’s hot and what’s not

I generally tend to prefer fabric sofas over leather ones but recently I have come across a few vintage leather beauties that I have really wanted to take home with me.

Lovely worn leather, classic design, timeless style


Before we carry on with beautiful leather sofas, can we just very quickly touch on the vast number of hideous leather sofas in the market? Why are such things even being made?? I get that leather sofas are generally bought for their practicality, but why not add in a bit of style to the list of criteria for such a significant piece of furniture? Please can people stop fuelling any further demand for fugly ones like these:

Bleurgh! Definitely NOT hot!


Enough of the nasties. Now we can relax with some inspirational pretties which not only marry durability with incredible style, but would also be investment pieces as they are sure to be loved forever.

via Desire to Inspire


Hard to go wrong with a chesterfield! This one is from Anthropologie but you could probably find a similar vintage one at a good price if you looked around.


via The Brick House


Lovely pale turquoise leather; via Design*Sponge


The style of this lovely warm grey leather sofa from West Elm is rather like a modern take on a chesterfield.


Which one of these would you pick if you could take it home with you?







In other news, I am about ready to pop so I’ll say ciao for now to the blogging world.

I’ll be back after the event, when I feel I have regained some of my wits about me!










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9 responses to “Leather sofas: what’s hot and what’s not

  1. Wowee, missus! You look amaaaaaaaaazing! That whole outfit is lovely on you.

    I’m never 100% about leather sofas. Are they *really* snuggly? But one thing’s for sure….they look gorgeous.

    Good luck for the big day, Meera. Will be thinking of you.


    • That’s exactly why I tend to prefer fabric sofas myself, but I’m thinking if I could get my hands on a leather one that looks as good as some of the above, cushions and throws would help the snuggly factor.

      Thank you very much for your lovely wishes, sweetpea! xxx

  2. Hey Meera! so good to catch up with you after a loooooooooooong time and so good to see you too. You look so lovely and all the very very best Meera. We are looking forward to the news and pictures and more.
    much love

  3. My dear Meera! You are looking radiant! Good luck!
    I likey the last couch from West Elm!

  4. The Brick House one is fabulous but honestly, they are all gorgeous. That aqua blue one is just TOO. MUCH.

    And as for you my dear, you are just too stinkin’ cute with yer little preggerness. Love it! xxx

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