Living in the pages of a catalogue

Have you ever leafed through a catalogue or a feature in a home magazine and wondered if anyone’s home is ever really styled like some of the photos you see?

Catalog Living (which I discovered recently via Domestic Sluttery and lost a fair few hours to) is a hoot of a website created by Molly Erdman who pretends that a couple called Gary and Elaine do in fact live in the pages of such catalogues.







This one below is my favourite (no prizes for guessing why!) –


On the success of Catalog Living, Molly also brings similar humour to a feature on called Magazine Living



Hunting for Serenity


Game for Anything


These funnies are just a taster. Check out Catalog Living and Magazine Living on Curbed for lots more (hours of amusement). There is even a book for those of us who like a bit of light-hearted wit mixed in with pretty styling in the books on our coffee table!

Available on Amazon.
Is it going on your wishlist?


All images are linked to their original sources on Catalog Living and Curbed.



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7 responses to “Living in the pages of a catalogue

  1. Thank you sooooo much for sharing this – it’s genius! Yes, it’s DEFINITELY going on my wishlist.

  2. ha!!!!!! i’m planning on taking QUITE a bath! these are outstanding. and this ties in beautifully with my post today about a home that i barged into and snapped pics–it’s unstyled–this is how the folks live.

    smiles to you, lovely. and you too, bump.


  3. I discovered Catalogue Living/Magazine Living around a year ago and it never fails to make me laugh (In fact, I think I shared it with Wayne and while amused, he didn’t find it anywhere near as funny as I do)!! My favourite is the bath one with the zebras being shot with arrows – I’ve always loved that wallpaper but never really thought about the fact it’s a hunting scene lol

    It always makes me laugh seeing how ‘over styled’ rooms can be and make note to mentally remove them from the room to see what the room might look like when people are actually USING it (ie, a 4′ tall plant with trailing vines on the dining room table may look great but how practical is it when people are actually, I dunno, eating there?). 😉

    Lovely to see you in blogland, you must not have very long now?? How’s the nursery coming?? xxx

    • The zebra one is a very quirky wallpaper, I was trying to think of places it would work but a bathroom was definitely not a place I would put it in!

      Taking it easy with the blogging as I’m making the most of enjoying some quiet and nesting time before our world gets turned on its head! Only a few weeks to go, we are SO excited!! 🙂

  4. There you are – Hot Mama to be! I have missed you – and your wonderful attittude!

    Lots of HA HA’s in that book! I might need to get a copy myself. Very refreshing! (:

    Love to you favorite Meerkat.


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