Seeing potential

I hope you’ll forgive my lack of presence in blogland lately. I could list my excuses but they generally point to my big belly slowing me down (in the third trimester now!).

I have finally started thinking about the baby things I need to get and this weekend, amidst watching the Olympics and sniggering at Tory MP Aidan Burley for showing the nation what a complete tool he is*, I finished working on baby’s first piece of furniture. On hindsight, (electric) sanding, priming and painting are best not done when 6 months pregnant, but I really didn’t have the time before now plus I needed some decent weather to do the sanding outside. I got there in the end.

This is the eBay listing photo. I forgot to take a ‘Before’ photo myself.

I scored this solid pine chest of drawers for a bargain on eBay, in perfect condition, just the size I was looking for and the ‘tray’ around the top allows it to become a very useful changing station. But I wasn’t going to subject baby to the orangey-pine varnish… bleurgh!

You may have gleaned my love of sunshine yellow in kids' rooms from my nurseries post. Little Greene’s Mister David paint colour could not have been more perfect! It really is like sunshine in the room, even on a grey day.

Now I just need to get a changing mat… and all the other baby paraphernalia… and get busy with my sewing machine to craft a few special things for baby.

Anyway, back to the subject of seeing potential in an old piece of furniture. A few weeks ago, this vintage bedroom chair sold for just Β£10 at my local auction house.

Old bedroom chair seeking new life

Besides looking a bit tatty, its frame was in pretty decent condition. My hands were itching at that price, I almost bid for it, but I made myself stay still. As much as I would have loved to have given it new life, I don’t have the resources right now (time or money) to be running around fabric houses and upholsterers. But just think of what it could’ve been! One rather snazzy example below –

Bedroom chair potential! Image via House to Home


If you found a couple of bedraggled antique chairs, what would you do with them? I love the modern twist given to these chairs –

via 508 (click on image to enlarge)


This card-cabinet-turned-console-table below is my favourite makeover to date. I love that they had the vision to see so much potential in an old humdrum card cabinet and turn it into a rather fabulous and useful console.

via Design*Sponge (click on image to enlarge)


* That’s it for the subject of the post. But you may have noticed a little asterisk near the start. I don’t talk politics in this blog, because well, that’s not why you read it, but I feel compelled to say how utterly flabbergasted I am at the comments made about the Olympics opening ceremony by prize idiot MP Aidan Burley who called it “leftie multi-cultural crap”. Even after his comments caused a flurry of criticism, he continued to dig a deeper hole for himself.
  It would have been easy to produce a robotic bonanza of a show but Danny Boyle’s creative genius made the ceremony joyous and bonkers, charming, moving, humorous yet earnest, and human. It showcased revolutions that changed the way of life not just in this country, but the whole world. It rejoiced in what makes Britain great and in its people. It was a spectacle that evoked a heart-swelling pride at being British, certainly in myself and probably in most of the nation. And I wasn’t even born here. If anyone is interested, comedian Paul Sinha does a rather brilliant job of putting Burley out with the trash in his blog article “Aidan Burley MP. Hello, from a fellow Brit.”

Perhaps I should have titled this post “Seeing potential… and a touch of politics”. Don’t worry, I don’t plan to make politics a habit on this blog!



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11 responses to “Seeing potential

  1. Ok, first off, that sunny yellow chest of drawers literally made me smile!! I love it, it’s so bright and cheerful and a million miles away from the ugly dated pine! Oooh can’t wait to see what you come up with for baby – that kid is gonna have THE most stylish nursery!!!

    As for the Olympic ceremony, couldn’t agree more – I was absolutely bursting with pride that the nation I have chosen as home (being an immigrant here myself) had done itself proud. All accolades to Danny Boyle for sharing something passionate, moving, funny and awe-inspiring – he really did nail it. Aidan Burley is a complete and utter c*ck and needs to be strung up and shot.


    Thanks for the comments on my little skirted vanity post today, chicken!

    Hope you and the bump are feeling well! xxx

    • Aww thank you, sweet thing! The yellow gloss is an amazingly happy colour, I keep going to have a peek at it as it is making me smile too. πŸ™‚

      As for Burley, I was thinking more along the lines of “Get out of my country” but I like your way better!! xxx

  2. What a wonderful makeover…love the sunny yellow!! Can’t wait to see what you do with the chair ~

    • Thank you, lovely!
      Alas, I had to miss out on the chair this time, but I wanted to make the point of its potential anyway, and to show how something obtained cheaply can be transformed into something spectacular.

  3. Absolutely love the card catalog table! xxx Kristin

  4. the baby’s dresser is FABULOUS. way to give it new life for a new life.

    omg that little chair is so charming. i can’t resist a chair in any and i mean any condition. i snagged a couple of lyre back chairs recently that need a makeover so i’m lovin this inspiration.

    no prob with the politics sprinkled in the post. haven’t really watched the olympics so have no idea what yer talkin about but i just know i would agree with you!!!

    can’t wait for that baby to arrive–what lovely awaits you!



    • If I’m honest, I do have a slight nagging regret that I didn’t get the chair. It was very cute. Damn the sense that overrode the impulse. Next time…!

      “New life for a new life” – I love your way with words, my lovely! xxx

  5. GB

    Meera! Congratulations–when is the baby due? This is wonderful news, hope you and the baby are doing well!

    Much love,

  6. Ooooh, I hope you’re able to rest lots in this last month. Such an exciting time! I am LOVING these special early days with Sophie. SO, sooooooo gorgeous!

    I am super-impressed you turned down that chair. You are so right – it could have been lush but I bet it just would have got in the way while you have a little baby to coo over!


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