Furniture makeovers

If you’ve been reading my little blog for a while, you’ll know I am a fan of furniture makeovers.

Good looking storage is hard to come by without a hefty price tag so if you’re up for a bit of DIY, an old or humdrum piece of furniture can be made into something rather spectacular. If you don’t have a vintage piece that’s crying out for a makeover, have a look at IKEA’s untreated wood products which encourage you to get creative with the finish you want – paint, stain, wax, decoupage…

The RAST and TARVA chests of drawers are particularly popular as they are inexpensive and can be adapted to just about any setting. How cute would these two below be for kids?


Livet Hemma


Livet Hemma

Some more RAST and TARVA makeovers for ideas –

Images: Design*Sponge, Crafty Sisters, House to Home, Nothing but Bonfires


Images: Lucy Jane, Breadbox, Honey & Fitz

Have you seen or done any cool furniture makeovers lately?



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5 responses to “Furniture makeovers

  1. just snagged a couple of old lyre back chairs that will get a makeover by me. $10 for the pair! i already had one which was given to me by mom. one more, and i’ll be set!

    hope this finds you well (and the bun in the oven too!)



    • Your chairs sound lovely; I look forward to seeing your makeover!
      The bump and I are doing well, thanks! Just trying to wrap up work activities which is proving to be a busy job. The nesting instinct has also kicked in, so spare time goes into looking at adorable baby things. 🙂

  2. Such amazing makeovers…incredible imaginations here!!

  3. (I was sure I had commented on this one but obviously my brain is addled by paint fumes!)

    These are amazing transformations and it really just shows that with a little imagination, silk purses can be made out of sow’s ears! I really love the idea of the Dorothy Draper chest copy because they are pretty much impossible to find in this country and they are so purty!!

    And I really love those overlays they sell, I’ve seen some very plain furniture tranformed into extraordinary with them – gorgeous! Would love something like this for my bedroom:

    Great post as always! Mwah! xxx

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