Artist love: Barry D Bulsara

Ever since I discovered the work of local artist Barry D Bulsara about a year ago, I have been a huge fan.

If, like me, you don’t take yourself too seriously, love a bit of tongue-in-cheek humour and have a little geeky side, you will love his art too!



Princess Leia / Marilyn Monroe mashup


Who but the Time Lord can really define time?!


You need to have watched the TV series The Thick Of It or the movie In The Loop to really get this. If you have watched either, you’ll know this should really say “NO WE F@!&ING CAN’T” 😛


A Dr Seuss quote we all love!


Check out Barry’s Folksy and Etsy shops for lots more of his fantastic work. The screenprints are super affordable given that they are original hand-pulled limited editions. I know where I’ll be looking for Colin’s next present… the hard part is going to be choosing which one(s) to buy!


Images from Barry D Bulsara’s website and Etsy shop




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3 responses to “Artist love: Barry D Bulsara

  1. ha! loving the star wars ones. you have found yourself a fun artist to collect, meera. hope this finds you feelin well. i am so excited for your life changing days ahead!

    love to you.


  2. Ha x 2! Dr. Seuss is my all time favorite. If you recall I wrote one of his quotes on my large gold mirror.

    Happy, happy pretty Mama to be! Wihoooo!

    ox, Mon

  3. LOL! Oh my god, I adore the first one!! Brilliant! May have to have a look for the man cave and give it to the boy as a pressie 😉 xxx

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