The chair in the corner

When you want a little quiet time to snuggle into a favourite old chair with a book, which of these would you choose?

via Lonny

Emily Henderson

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

via House to Home

Do you have a corner with a comfy chair that you love?




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12 responses to “The chair in the corner

  1. Oh god they are all gorgeous!!! I would have to say, if forced to choose (interrogation-stylee with a big huge light and a good cop/bad cop routine for good measure), I would have to say the first is my favourite with the second image very very close behind. In fact, I’ll take everything in the first pic but swap out the little table and the lamp from the second one. Perfection.

    I’m planning on some kind of little seating area in my bedroom and these images perfectly encapsulate that idea – somewhere lovely and relaxed and easily curled up upon!

    Hope you are well my lovely and having a fabulous weekend! xxx

  2. the swively one the swively one!!! husband and i just shopped today and found a copenhagen swivel beauty we may not be able to live without. makes me feel young!

    best to you, sweet girl across the sea.


  3. These are all so gorgeous!!

  4. I like the look of no 1. But I know that I would be snoozing beautifully in chair no. 2!

    Love to you favorite Meerkat!


  5. Ok, I guess I need to sign up differently from now on… I just need to make sure I remember every time! (:



  6. Hard to choose between the last two!

  7. Ok, your stalker here! (:

    Just tstopping by to wish you and yours a Happy Easter/Spring weekend!

    Hugs to you,


  8. Hello sweet Meera!
    Loving the look of no 1, but then again sitting next to a divine Magnolia branch in no 2 also feels appealing. As does kicking back in the Eames chair.. Hard call darling. They are all so nice.

    xx Charlotta

  9. Ok, your main fan here…. I want to see a new post. Just a small one… You can do it! Please, pretty please!



  10. Sarah at La Maison Boheme

    The chair in the first photo is my favorite. I also like a leather club chair like the one you have pictured… but that first one – the velvet and sheen is awesome. XO

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