A peek into my home

sneak peek!

This is exciting! I am over at the swoonilicious Swoon Worthy blog today, showing a peek into my home for the first time ever and talking about my favourite room, creatively achieved on an itsy bitsy budget.

If you’ve ever wondered how I go about designing my own humble little home… well, there are no designer names to be found, nor any sort of design process or rules that are followed, but there is plenty of heart. πŸ™‚

I know you’re just dying of curiosity so I shan’t keep you any longer, hop on over to Swoon Worthy now!



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12 responses to “A peek into my home

  1. Oh wow.. totally loved your before and after… The transformation is amazing.. Now can we see more corners of your home?

  2. Oooh, I’m so excited to see more!! You’ve kept us all waiting in suspense for soooo long, you naughty girlie!


  3. I’m “running” there.
    So nice to hear from you, sweetie!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  4. Meera, thanks for sharing a glimpse of your home with us. Your dining room is very lovely and charming and I like how it tells a story. The blue drapes are gorgeous and so it your artwork and your framed urn (that is absolutely creative of you, a very inspiring project as well).Your hard work truly paid off with the refinishing and repainting of those dining table and chairs, they look fabulous now!

    I hope you will share more of your home with us in the near future.

    Have a good day, sweetie.


  5. Deepa

    My first post on your blog. I absolutely LOVE what you have done with your dining room. It feels so bright, airy, and home-y. I am in awe of all the work you have put into creating such a beautiful room. Your creativity is truly remarkable.

  6. Lovelyyyyy creation πŸ™‚

  7. wonderful transformation, Meera. The dining room looks great! big hug

  8. Hey darlin!! Just wanted to say a very big THANK YOU for being a part of my little guest post week and for giving me the privilege of sharing your gorgeous home on my wee little ol’ blog – I just knew everyone would love your dining room as much as I do and I’m so pleased with all the lovely comments πŸ™‚

    Hope you’ve had a fabulous week my darlin and looking forward to a gorgeous weekend! Mwah xxxx

  9. Meera, Meera! How on Earth did I miss this?!!! Hopping over Presto!


  10. Loved the peak into your home! Its gorgeous! x

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