Headboards with nailhead (stud) patterns

via Lonny

I am always on the lookout for creative design inspiration (in other words, ways to rival designer looks for comparatively very little money) and when I came across this bedroom image from Lonny, I had one of those “Hey, I could make that” moments about the headboard.

It looks very achievable for us creative DIY enthusiasts, yes? (Next week you will get a peek of just how much DIY goes on in my home!)

Here is a simpler pattern that looks lovely too –

via The Glass Factory

Look, the same design for a lovely girly-pink headboard!

via Simplified Bee

Would you attempt to make your own headboard?




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9 responses to “Headboards with nailhead (stud) patterns

  1. I was never the one who liked these nail head studs be it on the sofa’s or chairs or head boards. But when I look at these pics – they don’t seem that bad at all :-). Loved the second pic.

  2. i love these nailheads! my husband is actually the brains and brawn behind any diy (and there’s a lot of it here too!). my thing is usually iniating and tweaking. can’t wait to see what you’ve done!



  3. Nailheads! They look good on a sofa, a chair, a headboard, just about everywhere!

    Lovely inspirations! Looking forward to see some of your DIY projects, Meera!

    Have a good day!


  4. I especially love that first image. The stripes are gorgeous…and so original. *LOVE*!!

    I’m not really a diy kind of girl….it’s better all round, I’ve decided, if we get someone in for things like that!!


  5. they are wonderful…creative but also timeless. big hug to you, Meera

  6. Oh you know me, I love me a bit of DIY!! But while i totally love this look (nailheads – yes please!), I’m also my own worst critic – and I think with a project that size, I would only see all my mistakes and it would do my head in!! I really would love to save myself the money and make my own headboard but I know myself too well…. booo.

    Can you tell I’ve given this quite a lot of thought!? lol

    Thank you for your lovely wishes & comments my dear! See you on the flipside chicken!! Mwah xxx

  7. The pink one is so nice – definitely something I’d love to go for. Unfortunately (well, I do actually like it) I have a metal bed where I don’t need a head board… Still, I do like the idea – maybe in my next life 😉 Hope you’re well and keeping warm xo

  8. I’ve thought about embellishing some furniture with nail head hardware – I love the look on the head boards!

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