Old world charm

End of the week at last! I hope you’ve all had a good one. I find the first week back to work rather difficult: early rises and long work hours are a sudden change from the lazy mornings, fun and games, eating, drinking and merry-making of the holidays. Still, back to routine is necessary and one mustn’t grumble, yes?

After finishing work for the week, I was having a tidy on my macbook (it gets so cluttered) and happened upon photos of a wonderful gem of a hotel where Colin and I had spent a weekend last summer – Langar Hall. I’ll just drop in here that it is Paul Smith’s choice of accommodation when he is in this part of the island. 🙂

This was the homely, charming room we stayed in: all mix and match, lovingly decorated with an unmistakable love of antiques (no shabby chic or deliberate distressing). While the room had an old world feel, there was nothing dated about it, but rather a nice feeling as if visiting dear old gran who has an excellent eye for timeless, cosy style and she has prepared her best guestroom for you!

I’ve stayed in hotels ranging from grubby to posh, rural farmhouse to city skyscraper. As I remembered my time at Langar Hall, I realised how much I loved staying there over the sleek and contemporary Columbus Hotel in Monte Carlo some years ago. Does that sound weird? Yes, I know it does. I’ve turned into a soppy old romantic. That’s not to say I’m going to fill my home with old furniture, but I do like working some antique pieces with newer items.

Anyway, here are some places (from books I treasure) that I would love to step into for a while, to soak in the charm and character, and to rejoice in seeing antiques thriving.

Farrow & Ball: Art of Colour, Brian D Coleman

William Yeoward at Home: Elegant Living and Entertaining in Town and Country

William Yeoward at Home: Elegant Living and Entertaining in Town and Country

Perfect English, Ros Byam Shaw

Perfect English, Ros Byam Shaw

Perfect English, Ros Byam Shaw

Perfect English, Ros Byam Shaw

Perfect English Cottage, Ros Byam Shaw

Perfect English Cottage, Ros Byam Shaw

So… are you feeling the olde worlde charm or has this made you feel stuffy? Do you have an urge to get these books so you too can pretend to step into these places, or do you think I am beginning to sound old?? Do tell!




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7 responses to “Old world charm

  1. there’s a formality about the rooms, and for me personally, i need a balance with modern. but i do love pieces and places with history and age. also, i can’t have too many littles around to dust because they won’t get dusted which will make it impossible to relax.

    I WAS HAVING A TIDY ON MY MACBOOK totally cracked me up because i don’t think we have an expression like that here, and you know i love words!!

    work will get better, i just know it. kisses.


  2. There is something so elegant and yet infinitely cozy about these images. I couldn’t decorate my entire home like this but I would certainly love an extended visit!

    Week was tough for me as well, just getting back into the swing of things and my brain was completely and utterly resisting!! Of course it will all get easier as the days start to get brighter, right?

    Hope you are having a fabulous weekend my dear xxx

  3. I love looking round whole other worlds like this. IT does feel like another world, doesn’t it? Can you imagine having it as your house?!

    I’ve been trying to get to grips with Lightroom today. One word: Aaaargh!! So I feel your pain. xxxxx


  4. This looks like such an amazing place to stay! Lucky girl!
    Rachie xo

  5. GB

    Something incredibly homey about the last two pictures–especially that red kettle. Oh, I could do with a cup of tea right now! 🙂

  6. Not weird at all, I’d rather stay in a old world hotel than some stark modern place. Though there is something to be said for some of the glamorous, big old hotels with all the history…

    Wishing you a lovely and inspired week xo

  7. I love it. This never feels “stuffy” to me – only rich with character and charm.

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