Happy ‘Tangerine Tango’ New Year!

A very happy new year to you, my lovelies!
May it be better and brighter than ever!

I hope you have had a wonderful, joyous time over the holidays and are feeling recharged and excited about the possibilities and opportunities in the year ahead!

When the clear up of the holidays is done, I like to add little invigorating touches around the house to get me energised for the year ahead. So I am feeling quite happy with Pantone’s colour of 2012: ‘Tangerine Tango’, a deep radiant red-orange that is vivacious yet friendly; quite a feel-good cheery colour. Even if you’re not one for bright colours, a tiny amount of this colour in the form of flowers, art or even a bowl of tangerines will energise your surroundings.

If you want to use this colour in your decor, here are a couple of examples I adore that may inspire you:

I love this room for its bright breezy feel, casual atmosphere, *gorgeous* rug and vibrant tangerine pops… a perfect room to beat the January blues!

Window treatments like this excite me. I love how this dramaticises the high ceiling, and being a sheer curtain, it doesn’t block any light thus keeps the space feeling breezy.

Will you be tangoing with tangerine orange? Whether you love this colour or not, I hope you’re having a peppy start to 2012!


Images 1 Serenity in Design | 2 unknown



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8 responses to “Happy ‘Tangerine Tango’ New Year!

  1. Happy New Year Sweetness!!

    I really love it as an accent colour and I’m using it in my dining room as such so I’m quite pleased! 🙂 It seems a natural transition from the softness of coral – it’s almost like a more intense version of it, don’t you think? That said, I don’t know if I could get into a whole room painted in this colour (eek) but little bursts of energy?? Oh yes please! Love it in the white room above especially… yum yum.

    It’s back to the grind tomorrow after 10 days off and while getting back to the routine is always welcome, I can’t say I’m looking forward to it!! lol Have a fabulous week ahead my dear! xxx

  2. Happy New Year Meera!!. Loving the tangy Tangerine and I love the second pic.

  3. prob won’t tango with tangerine this year. but a cha-cha? now there’s real promise there.

    best to you, sweetie.


  4. Happy New Year to you Meera… What a lovely colour…. To start the year… Saying that.. Im still dreaming of turquoise… 🙂

  5. These images are gorgeous – I love Tangerine tango!! Wishing you all the best for 2012 ~

  6. Hi lovely,

    Starting my first post of the year with Tangerine Tango as well! It comes with a good and happy vibe. We need it!

    Hope you had a wonderful break!



  7. Beautiful inspirational photos, as always! I love the color too. Very refreshing

  8. A very happy and bright new year to you too! Isn’t that colour just fab? I discovered it a few days ago and put it on FB because it instantly made me feel summery.

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my last post. I think there are more people who struggle with self-promotion than there are who excel at it. Unfortunately it seems (meow, I know) that no matter how rubbish the content, if you’re great at self-promotion you’ll still be successful…

    I’ve put your blog on my blog roll so I can help to promote your talents since you said you’re not great at shouting about it either 😉

    Thanks for your support, have a good week xo

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