Creative Christmas decorating

I hope your December is shaping up well with the festivities, my lovelies! I love a little homemade holiday cheer and have been soaking up all the creative decorating ideas around the blogs and magazines. These are some of my favourites:

Globe men instead of a tree: brilliantly unique and very cute!
via The Holiday Guide by Emily Henderson


Wine corks & jingle bells wreath; star cookie cutters wreath – both via Good Housekeeping


Cinnamon candles via Hobbycraft


Patchwork baubles via The Guardian


Charming rustic decorations, image via Where Did You Find That

I also came across a fantastically cute (non-Christmassy) idea by Nina Holst on her blog Stylizimo that instantly grabbed me – washi tape antlers. At this point I would say that I think the antler trend is overdone, I mean it is everywhere, which is probably why I haven’t bought into it, but… washi tape antlers are such a fun idea! Zero commitment, negligible cost and so very cute! So I adopted Nina’s idea with a little Christmas cheer –

I was planning on making some mini ornaments but haven’t found the time yet so making do with little glass baubles and a gold robin for now. I love that I can have it up all year round, with or without seasonal ornaments (I painted the tacks the same colour as the tape background so they’re hardly noticeable). I originally thought about taping straight on my wall like Nina but decided on a piece of MDF instead (primed and painted the same colour as the walls) as this way I can put it anywhere I want.


Have you done any crafting or creative decorating for Christmas? I would love to know your ideas!

P.S. How amazing is washi tape?? Have you used it for anything? It is addictive!! I foresee my collection growing very rapidly!




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13 responses to “Creative Christmas decorating

  1. Oh my god, your little antler project is so cute and so simple and so effective!! I love it with the little baubles, you did a fabulous job! 🙂 And I like the idea of doing it on MDF – it’s definitely a keeper!!

    I so need some washi tape – I don’t know why I’ve been so slow on the uptake when there are so many lovely uses for it. Will definitely put it on my list now.

    Ya know, I was actually just writing up a post about DIY Christmas stuff so this is being added!! Also? Those patchwork baubles are lovely!

    Hope you aren’t going to mad with the whole Christmas rush my darlin and taking some time out for YOU 🙂 xxx

    PS Thanks for your comments on my table, I’m quite excited about it too!!! hehehe 😉

  2. Oooh, these are very gorgeous indeeeed! I love those candles – anything cinnamony and I’m there with bells on (seemed an appropriate phrase for this time of year!).


  3. I am swooning over the washi tape antler idea! I love antlers (I noticed they are everywhere) but this idea is so fun, so fresh and absolutely fabulous! Very modern and easy to make too, too! Love this!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Have a great weekend, Meera!


  4. ooooh it’s antler-iffic, meera. i have a stash of washi tape and so far i have used it for taping ideas and inspiration to the wall, hanging posters for my son, and even for matting a print in a frame. it is soooooo fun to use, but i think i spent $80 on tape and some twine from an etsy seller which is insane! i have seen some DIY washi tape which looks fun too.

    love all the sweet inspiration you posted and am decorating very slowly, simply, and sparely.

  5. Okay! Im gung-ho on the globe snowman and the rustic frame. Wonderful. Such beautiful inspirations… I could totally use this, you know!!! The last few days, I was on my lowest creatively low! Thanks for sharing Meera. They are wonderful.

  6. Lovely Meera. All that you show is always so different and has that oooooomph factor :-). Your DIY is cool. DIY’s and me are two opposite poles. Never ventured into one.

  7. Ah yes, I love handmade touches for christmas (but you knew that already I guess) and am busy crafting away just for the fun of it. This is certainly a post after my own heart and I’m glad you liked the patchwork baubles too 😉 Have a lovely week xo

  8. the idea with the globes is wonderful! big hugs to you, Meera

  9. Hi sweet Meerkat,

    I fell hard for the cookie cutter wreath! So simple, so Swedish style!

    Thank you for not giving up on me as a blog friend during this busy season for my little store. You are a gem – on so many levels.


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