Fairy lights

What is it about flirty little lights that brings such enchanting cheer to a space? Whatever the season, I love a little fairy light twinkle!

Graham & Green


hello lovely inc

hello lovely inc

hello lovely inc

Cox & Cox

House to Home

Cable & Cotton

There are endless possibilities with fairy lights. Battery powered ones are particularly versatile – string them just about anywhere or wrap them around anything without any trailing wires.

Exquisite silk rose fairy lights from Pam Angus on Etsy, sitting pretty on my shelf

For thrifty decorative fairy lights, how about making your own from egg cases, like below?

DIY flower fairy lights (click on link for tutorial)

Are you feeling the fairy light magic?




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10 responses to “Fairy lights

  1. Oh … you soooooooo sound like me.. I love fairy lights too.. and have them (like in the 2nd pic).. all year long.. in my foyer..

    and I have a vase… with fairy lights in them… soooooo pretty!! There are some in my kids room as well… Should do a post on these on my blog too…

    This is a lovely inspiraiton to bring in the festive season..

  2. Just sooo lovely Meera !!! Started the christmas decor myself but now I am going to do the mirror. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. So pretty! And the images I like he most, I now see all came via our lovely friend Michele (Hello Lovely Inc)! No surprise there!

    Back from a week in sunny California. Freckles on my nose. No complaining here!

    Love, Mon

  4. Oh yes yes yes. I do. I do believe in fairies. …and fairy lights!

  5. I need those Cox & Cox ones in my life! Love me a bit of fairy lights – I used to always have litte flower ones strung across the headboard of my bed and this post is reminding me to dig them out again.

    If there is one thing I am really looking forward to in my Christmas decorating is coming home in the evening and switching on the twinkly lights. Sigh. So cozy.

    As a side note, I am loving that mixed media work you have on your little shelf – is that something you created? It’s fab!

    Hope you are having a lovely week my dear xxx

    • That’s what I do every evening too, turn on the little lights and lamps and all things cosy… best thing about winter! Thank you for the lovely compliment on the mixed media piece… yes I created it. I was getting rid of some old magazines and found myself tearing out pictures and words that spoke ‘life’ to me, and the idea was planted. All the precision work required on that piece kept me out of trouble for a long time! 🙂 xxx

  6. oh meera, you’re taking my breath away. i cannot get enough of fairy lights, and if you saw our house (even during the day) today you would LAUGH!!!! like a dollhouse since i was so anxious about lighting for the holidays! i’ll share photos soon.

    love to you, and sending sunshine and smiles all the way from here to brighten your day.



  7. Meera, you sound like me too.. love love fairy lights. Lovely images – all of them

    big hugs

  8. GB

    Love love love fairy lights–put them up during diwali and they’re not coming off till after all the snow melts (which might be a while..) 🙂

    PS: How cute is your shelf? 🙂 Love the picture!

  9. I love fairy lights! There is just something so enchanting and magical about them. And they are perfect for the upcoming holidays, too!

    Have a lovely day, Meera!


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