Cheery contrast: blue & red

Drake Design Associates

The weather has turned dreary and rainy in this part of the world so I am looking at a perk-me-up colour combination: turquoisey blue (think blue sky and sea) teamed with bright vibrant red.



House of Turquoise


Homes & Antiques


La Maison Boheme

It even works for a cosier, more romantic look.


Apartment Therapy

Aren’t these just the prettiest little girls’ rooms? SO much better than a sickly pink overload. (Speaking of which, can somebody please explain why some parents insist on surrounding their girls in pink? Because I really don’t understand it.)

Little Green Notebook


Hotel Missoni, Edinburgh


Conversation Pieces

Looks like the most fun wedding ever, yes?


Do you have colours that you turn to when you need perking up? Or any other tricks for a dreary grey day?




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7 responses to “Cheery contrast: blue & red

  1. I love it bit of cherry red to perk up even the dullest of corners. These photos are gorgeous; I always love your style so much.

    I want that wedding! How cool is that?!!


  2. Thank you for treating us to these colors on this dull cold and grey day

  3. I just love this combination…gorgeous!!

  4. My bedroom around 5 years ago was turquoise with cherry red and white accents! I loved it – such a cheery look!

    Thank you for sharing, definitely looking at these pics has brightened my day! And I LOVE that little girls’ bedroom from Little Green Notebook!


  5. Nce color combination my friend! Orange also makes me perk up!

    I am right now in Calfornia. Spending Thanksgiving with family and friends. Lots of fun!

    Wanted you to know that I am thinking of you today. You are one lovely, stylish and upbeat friend. I am so thankful for you.

    Love, Mon

  6. such a cheery combination, meera, and i like thinking of red as ‘cherry!’

    i recognize the art in the apartment therapy image because i sometimes use it in my collaging! they’re old e. seguy prints you can download for free from the digital archives of the ny public library.

    happy thanksigivng!


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