Industrial ruggedness marries feminine glamour

I’m over at the gorgeous Splendid Willow blog today (what a privilege!), giving my 2 cents worth on the design style that gets me very excited indeed, so do pop over to say hello and see what trends other fabulous bloggers are loving!




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6 responses to “Industrial ruggedness marries feminine glamour

  1. Lovely post Meera and I love that ruggedness and I have a wall in my home theatre that has this rugged appearence. Thanks for introducing to the Splendid Willow.

  2. Meera, I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your post at Splendid Willow! It is also one of the trends I love at the moment but I couldn’t have wrote it better myself!

    Have a great day, sweetie!


  3. look at you on splendid willow!!! loved your spotlight and the way you are always able to synthesize different aspects of design in a way that brings something new. you add to the beauty by bringing a unique perspective and slant. bravo!


  4. Oh yes indeed on industrial glamour and congrats on the Splendid Willow spotlight! Love how succinctly you’ve tied up the style and your images are utterly gorgeous!

    Ooh also totally agree about it appealing to both men and women – W likes industrial style as well but it totally balances a very feminine decor. Fab fab fab!

    Hope your week is going swimmingly my lovely! xxx

  5. Meera, the idea with the chandelier is simply fantastic! i ll copy it. love to you

  6. Dearest Meerkat,

    Thank you so much for participating. You are a delight on so many levels. And I love showing you off! (:

    Packing like crazy, and 3 sick kids… It will be an interesting flight to California…!

    Love to you,


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