Going potty for Elizabeth Prince Ceramics

I recently came across Elizabeth Prince Ceramics, and it was a cuteness overload. I was instantly smitten.

Elizabeth Prince is a Manchester-based ceramicist who combines her love of retro and vintage with modern design to create designs that are likely to melt your heart! See for yourself…

Little bird bowls


Little heart bowls


Poppy bowls


Ornaments, wall art, fruit bowls and more

I particularly love the designs with vintage lace imprints. Check out her etsy shop for more lovely items – Prince Design UK.

How is one to resist?!



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7 responses to “Going potty for Elizabeth Prince Ceramics

  1. the ceramics are gorgeous! the butterflies!

    had to read your title 3 times. each time asking myself, what could ceramics have to do with meera in the loo? guess i need to snap into abstract mode and wake up this morning! ha!

    thanks for all the sweetness you share.


  2. Ooooh resistance is indeed futile!! Ya know, she’s been in my favourites in my Etsy account for AGES!? lol

    I love the little bird and heart bowls but I hadn’t seen the poppie bowls – I too LOVE the lace imprinting. There’s something very subtle and yummy about the texture.

    Thanks for the reminder to go visit her shop again, so many gorgeous things, might have to do a bit of Xmas shopping! xxx

  3. Love the little bird bowls and the butterflies wall art, so whimsical and pretty! I also like how the textures add visual interest to the overall design.

    Great find, Meera!


  4. Excellent ceramics piece. I admire the design ideas. Beautiful!

  5. These are lovely! I happened to favorite those heart bowls on etsy today!

  6. Wow! Thank you so much for featuring my ceramics on your beautiful blog! I am so honoured to be here 🙂 x

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