Design idea: Using coving as a pelmet

With window dressings, the choice is usually between using a pretty curtain pole or covering a not-so-pretty pole/track with a pretty pelmet or valance.

I recently came across this brilliant idea of using coving (cornice / crown moulding… whatever you call it) as a pelmet… I love the built-in look and am definitely going to do this when I get the chance!

You don’t even have to have windows right up to the ceiling to use this idea (but you wouldn’t want them to be too low either). Simply use a double layer window treatment, with a roman blind covering the area above the window like in the image below. This is practical in terms of insulation, gives the window height and looks lovely. What’s not to love?

I love the impact that red curtains have in a room!

Are you a pretty pole or a pretty pelmet person? Would you use this idea?

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12 responses to “Design idea: Using coving as a pelmet

  1. Love this idea! I’d definitely use it.

  2. I’ve never EVER seen that before!! Wow, really amazing idea, I do like it… I actually had a dream that I’d made pelmets for the bedroom and when I woke up, I thought I might actually try it until I realised my curtains are very thin so thought it would look a bit weird lol

    But I do genuinely think this is a great idea and quite simple really! xxx

  3. J

    I love this idea! I don’t come across this idea very often, maybe occasionally but it’s such a wonderful idea. Would definitely try it given the chance.

    Meera, thanks for all your kind and lovely comments. You are the sweetest!

    Have a beautiful weekend, girl!


  4. I like this idea lots. We have a very awkward window in our front room and you’ve got me wondering if it would work well there….


  5. I have both in my home and love them both. The pelmet is in our library and I adore the way it flows with the molding in there. Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

  6. i’m not crazy about these things unless they are original to a house. that said, we have built them in other places we’ve lived and others admired them. i think i just have issues with window dressing period. it’s a challenge for me.

    hope you have a lovely productive week, meerkat.


  7. Love the pelment / cornice idea. Would work perfectly for my living area.. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Hugs from afar.

    xx Charlotta

  8. love it! a big hug to you, Meera

  9. Love the look. It’s stylish and classic. Beautiful!

    Hope everything is great w/ you, sweetie.


    Luciane at

  10. Oh fabulous… I do like the roman blinds idea.. and the covering is fab too.. Luckily for me.. at home.. the living room curtains go inwards.. (like into the wall).. so you cant see them…

    I remember.. in my aunts old home.. she had one of these covering.. on top of which, she has like a mini travel collection.. she had some gorgeous stuff.. The first image reminds me of her home… 🙂

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