Home tour: mixing old and new in an urban setting

Few home tours get me as excited as this one which I came across on the Mix and Chic blog recently. I’ve had the image above in my inspiration folder for a while so I was thrilled to see more of the house and find out about the owner, designer Jimmy Stanton, who has a knack for re-purposing cast-off objects as well as mixing old and new to gorgeous effect.

Jimmy and his partner Patrick have done wonders with their 2-bed urban condo in Atlanta, Georgia. The eclectic style is as comfortable, homely and cosy as it is smart and gorgeous.

The industrial and rustic elements are beautifully balanced by softer colours.

A free standing fireplace in an unused alcove… why not?

The brightly striped bed cover offsets the grey walls and rugged rusticity of the headboard.

Fabulous way to re-purpose an old scale!

Sexy inky black walls in the bathroom.
10 points if you noticed the submarine light sconce!

In the category of urban condos, this one is by far my favourite. It is chic without being ostentatious, and homely rather than overly precious. I could very happily cosy up here! My love for industrial and rustic touches probably plays a big part here. : )

What do you think of this place? Is this your kind of style or is it too masculine for you? If you could move in, would you change anything? (I would add a bit of sparkle while still keeping with the style.)


Images from Atlanta Homes




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11 responses to “Home tour: mixing old and new in an urban setting

  1. Meera, thanks for the mention above and the lovely well wishes! You are such a sweetie! You know I love this home, right?

    Have a fabulous day!


  2. It is a gorgeous home…love the chic and sophisticated style and the unexpected bench in the bathroom!!

  3. love these images…i too would just add a a touch of sparkle!

  4. I love the old coffee table. And what a creative use of a scale 🙂 XOL

  5. makes me want to blow up my house immediately. i love it. i’m exhausted so i’d like to simply move in without changing a thing besides a few pointe shoes scattered, ok? so warm and chic!


  6. A beautiful house for sure! I’d love to add some white for sure….and amongst all those collectibles, I loved that gorgeous green glass vase. Ikea in Canada seems to be promoting this now….

  7. Wow. What a gorgeous place. I love all of the reclaimed wood and industrial elements. And the blanket on the bed is awesome!

  8. Oh my god, what a find!! This place is proper industrial gorgeousness. Totally agree about the sparkle (in fact, I knew it’d be that chandie before I clicked the link lol)!!

    There is so very much I love in here but those repurposed scales are amazing and so creative. I have to agree, this is a place that I could feel right at home in. There’s just nothing at all pretentious about it, just a lovely stylish relaxed vibe. Love it.

    Hope your weekend is going fantastically my dear!

  9. What a wonderful house tour. I adore that spherical lamp in the living area!
    The balance between modern & sleek vs warm & rustic is perfect.
    Lovely lovely find.

    x Charlotta

  10. Meera, beautiful!!!! SOOO much inspiration!

    I have a Canadian blanket like that. My black cat has claimed it… Looking at that bed spread I will today claim it back! Looks awesome that way!

    ox, Mon

  11. Wow this is gorgeous, it is the perfect mix!

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