The magic of autumn

Every year when autumn comes around, I feel convinced this is my favourite season. I think I feel the same about spring, for different reasons, but let’s not worry about that now. The incredible colour shows that this season produces feel magical, and running through rustling fallen leaves is some kind of fun, yes?

A perfect layer of fallen leaves… all mine for kicking up!

Hard to beat the pleasure of relaxing in beautiful surroundings

Squirrel! Working away, burying nuts in preparation for winter

Green, red, yellow, russet, brown, purple… it’s a spectacular show!


Photos taken at The Arboretum, an inner city park in Nottingham.




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7 responses to “The magic of autumn

  1. methinks i am the only soul not giddy about fall. leave it to me to notice all the death and drying up and the WORST: halloween. but i do love the apples and the cinnamon and the hot cider and thanksgiving!

    thanks for the ad on your sidebar! hope you win it!

    p.s. i have zero to complain about when it comes to fall weather right now. it is high 70s and balmy!

    • Aww hun, are you thinking about winter? Because those are the reasons winter is my least favourite season. Well, and the cold.

      Autumn is wonderful, showing that it’s all about going out with a colourful bang! =)

  2. Fall In Love? I geddit! Whoever made that up must be one funny girl. Oh wait…it’s me!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I love your photos, Meera. The colours are just stunning, aren’t they?


  3. So gorgeous! I do love the autumn as well – There is something satisfyingly indulgent about the ritual of pulling on jumpers and boots that have laid dormant for the summer.

    Our unusually warm weather has gone now but I’m secretly pleased! Don’t tell anyone ๐Ÿ˜‰ xxx

  4. Such beautiful pictures! Love this season as well for the colors not the cold!

    We are having a family photo shoot at a local park so am pretty excited to get the pictures this fall!

  5. I love the fall season for its fabulous colors! And it’s also a great time to wear my beloved coats! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a lovely weekend, Meera!


  6. Oh… *sigh*.. What lovely lovely colours.. of autumn.. You are truly lucky to have this.. I live in Dubai.. where colours of nature are very limited..

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