Cute kitchens

House Beautiful

Milk & Honey

Johanna Ekmark

Modern Country Style

Ann Sacks Tile & Stone

Micasa Revista

For me, a charming space with personality will win hands down over marbled palatial grandness any day. All these kitchens of different styles have clearly been thoughtfully and lovingly designed, and feel very real (achievable), not to mention how very cute they look! Who’d have thought that even a mostly monochrome kitchen (last image) could look so darling?

Any favourites?




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9 responses to “Cute kitchens

  1. I love the first one! A cozy window seat in the kitchen is so welcoming. Also I love an all white kitchen with bright pops of color just in the accessories!
    xo Allison
    Spicer + Bank

  2. Love the first one with the grey cabinets!

  3. WOW!!! That is just the weirdest feeling in the world to see my kitchen with all those completely glamorous images!! Thank you so much, Meera. That’s made me feel very, very happy!!! You lovely girl. xxxxxxx

    I love those green stools. Aren’t they gorgeous?


  4. love ’em all though it would be most fun to hang out in sarah’s.

    the ann sacks one…omg…was in their showroom recently, and honestly you feel as if you’ve died and gone to heaven. designs that leave you breathless.maybe in our next kitchen!



  5. What a wonderful collection of beautiful and charming kitchens! I love the first and second kitchen, and of course the last one, too!

    Great finds, Meera. Have a fabulous day, sweetie!


  6. I love that pink basket – I grew up with them. Are they still available in India.

  7. Here from Michele’s blog and really liked it. Ive been doing a lot of “kitchen spotting” lately and this comes handy 🙂

  8. Hi Ms. Meerkat,

    I keep on staring on the second to the last image (Ann Sacks). Look at that tile!!! Stunning!!!

    Warm hugs to you girlie,


  9. Superb!! Love the little happy bursts of colours in each of these kitchen inspirations..

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