Decorating with letters

Splendid Willow

source unknown

Carolina Eclectic

scanned from Creative Walls: How to Display and Enjoy Your Treasured Collections

With spaces as cool as these, I don’t really need to say much, do I?

Do you like letters/words on your walls or do you think decorating with letters is tacky? If you think any of these spaces are anything other than COOL, I shall have to challenge you. 🙂


Thank you to everyone who commented about Gavin Harrison’s work in my previous post. I know art is a very subjective thing, so artists appreciate all kinds of support which lets them know others find their work interesting/amazing/intriguing/wonderful. All qualifying entries for one of Gavin’s cards were put into a virtual hat ( and the name picked out was…

Congratulations Sarah! Couldn’t agree with you more!




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9 responses to “Decorating with letters

  1. congrats to Sarah!

    i love letters on the walls! i have a favorite Emily Bronte quote boldly above our headboard. “Love Lives Here” is black and bold above my kitchen sink. and then of course there are canvases sprinkled around of my wordy art. there is no shortage of letters around this place, and i wouldn’t have it any other way!


  2. Wicked cool, definitely. I’ve got a large W & K on my dining room wall and I love them!

    My favourite is the ‘Lover’ above the gorgeous headboard! Lush eclectic, fab fab fab.

    Congrats Sarah!


  3. Hoooooorayyyy! Thank you so much, Meera!! I’ve been telling everyone I see!! I’m so excited!!

    I LOVE letters for decorating too. I’ve got our initials in our living room which are from a sign over an old French shop. *love*

    These images are gooorrrrrgeous!


  4. Congrats to Sarah! I think decorating with letters are so cool! They are many types of letters available but I love the whimsical or quirky ones like the ‘LOVE’ letters you have shown in the second image!


  5. Lucky Sarah!

    I LOVE the first picture – and extra much because I know the home owner! Her name is Joanna and she has the best taste & style – and she is a really good hearted person. She lives on the same island in Stockholm where I grew up.

    Warm hugs to you – what was it again ? – Meerkat!

    Check out the smile of this Meerkat!


  6. Guess what? It arrived!!! Thank you so much, lovely girl. I am thrilled with my card. It’s so super cool and I just love staring at the man’s face!! Is that too weird!


  7. Oh lovely!! I like the use of letter.. I love LOVE.. but only ever use it.. at Valentines day.. 🙂

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