A gratifying quickie

In my previous post, I mentioned doing a book review of Amsterdam: Made by Hand, and it’s coming soon, I promise! I’m just a bit swept up by work, social events etc so while I get my blogging act together, here is a fabulous, chic, quick and cheap idea of a disco vase that I just love, courtesy of the talented stylist Sania Pell.

Some of you may already have come across it in Decorate (the new book by Holly Becker and Joanna Copestick)…

In her blog, Sania shares this simple but brilliant idea…

Simply tip a bag of sequins into a circular glass vase with a funnel, fill with water, watch some sequins sink and some rise (and perhaps some floating indecisively in the middle), add flower(s) of choice to suit the setting/mood… et voilà – a glamorous and eye-catching result requiring very little effort!

Do you love it or do you love it?




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12 responses to “A gratifying quickie

  1. That is a cool idea and I have lots of those sequins too 🙂

  2. Cool Idea and I have lots of those sequins too 🙂

  3. i don’t love it. I LOVE IT!!!!

    will try to create one and call it my meera disco vase!

    yer the kewlist.


  4. This is such a brilliant and simple idea, Meera! Thanks for sharing!

    Happy weekend!


  5. Best blog psot title of the week goes to….Meera!!! 🙂

    I LOVE this idea. Isn’t Sana’s blog amaaazing? I LOVE it! Like stepping into another world!


  6. what a great quick shot of sparkle!

  7. The Meera disco vase – our friend Michelle is such a hoot! Now that is all I can think about! (:

    Don’t worry about blogging. It is called summer and we are all slow…!

    Warm hugs to you lovely friend,


  8. Oooh my lovely, you know I love me a bit of sparkle! I need to get me some sequins because I am so trying this!!!

    You are not the only one with blogging on the backburner, things will slow down once the colder weather hits but for now, ya gotta enjoy the sunshine! xxx

  9. love love. you did ask a wonderful question 🙂 happy new week!

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