Amsterdam in colour

The absolute highlight of my recent holiday was a visit to the fantastic city of Amsterdam… staying away from tourist hoards and exploring the real Amsterdam. A day into the trip, Colin and I found ourselves thinking that we could live here. The city is delightfully quaint with its canals and maze-like streets, gorgeous tall buildings, boats, bikes, lush greenery and colour – colour colour everywhere.

The weather was very changeable while we were there but besides my hair getting frizzy, a little drizzle was no bother at all because Amsterdam is beautifully colourful and lovely with or without sunshine.

Amsterdammers are a very creative bunch. The place is brimming with inspiration – architecture, design and decor, art, colour blocking, urban gardening…

…even the window shutters are strikingly gorgeous with black on the outside and another colour/pattern on the inside.

Want to see more colour?

Rainbow colours in Amsterdam

The wonderfully interesting and inspiring explorations I had on this trip are all thanks to Pia Jane Bijkerk, for creating THE guide to the real Amsterdam.

If you’re thinking of visiting Amsterdam in the near future or want to know more about this inspiring little book, stay tuned for a book review!


All photos mine


Holidays to Amsterdam
Update: For more about finding the creativity in Amsterdam, see my guest post on the easyjet destinations blog
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9 responses to “Amsterdam in colour

  1. Oh my goodness those shutters are utterly amazing! You have totally made me want to go to Amsterdam and I am loving your hair šŸ™‚

  2. Gorgeous pictures! looks like you had a fabulous and restful trip!

  3. you’ve captured so many lovely moments! how cool to have pia’s book to guide you–i love that idea of having a secret map! so maybe it will be you and Colin moving living on a houseboat there, yes?

    thanks for sharing so many beautiful glimpses…i would love to go!



  4. I’ve wanted to go to Amersterdam for such a long time and all these gorgeous images (oh my god the SHUTTERS!) just drives it all the more home. Funny when you tell people you want to go there, you generally get raised eyebrows but as you’ve shown, there’s so much more to it than just pot brownies and the red light district šŸ˜‰

    Your hair looks groovy, hun, wish mine looked like that when it was frizzy!

    Oooh if you do move, I’m so totally coming to visit!! Looking forward to the book review, it obviously served you very well xxx

  5. What an awesome trip you had, Meera! I am so in love with that first image, it looks so beautiful and charming! I think we have the same hair. My hair gets really wavy when it’s wet, too!

    Have a wonderful week, sweetie!

    P/S: When you receive your jewelry from Samantha, please let me know. šŸ™‚


  6. That is my favorite city too. Even my daughter who went back packing said that was the best city :-). It’s been a while since I was there , sure needs one more trip in the coming times.

  7. I adore Amsterdam…one of my favorite vacations. Glad you had such a great trip!!

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  9. gify

    The article you wrote is really interesting.

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