While away in the Netherlands, I was dismayed to see on the news the heartbreaking and senseless anarchy that has wrecked lives and livelihoods of many people in our beautiful country.

We are struggling to understand this terrible criminality but it is heartwarming to see all the good, kind, brave people uniting to clean up the mess of the riots, showing that communities can be stronger than criminals.

My heart goes out to all those affected… sending positive thoughts, well wishes and love to them as they start to pick up the pieces.

What life should be about: Beautiful photo captured by Designwali




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  1. Yes communities are greater than criminals and Love is greater than hatred and we have seen this in Norway too.

  2. Craziness in my book. I hope that people will learnm move forward and not go back to this aggressive mindset again.

    On a lighter note – you went to Holland?!!! Share pictures! And what did you bring home in your suitcase?!

    Just got back from our family vacation. I am sooo relaxed! Good to be back here!

    Warm hugs to you girlie, Mon

  3. I have to say, it was heartwarming to see communities of all races coming together to clean up the mess left behind by such ignorant morons.

    Hope your trip was fantastic anyway (agree, want to see pics!) and glad you had a fab birthday!

    Mucho love-o darlin xxx

  4. Totally agree with you! It was so awful but hopefully we can all come together and sort it out!

    Would like to see pics too!
    Rachie xo

  5. such senselessless. so often it seems things must crack wide open for the light to finally get in. i hope lots of light gets in.

    hope you have enjoyed your holiday and have recharged the batteries. i am helping my babies get ready for school and preparing myself for the end of summer (which is always hard!).

    love to you.


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