Arty living rooms + vacationing

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Elle Decor

Elle Decor

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Elle Decor

The past few months for me have been busy and bustling… in a good way (I am not allowed to complain about too much work), but I am feeling a tad frazzled…

So it’s just as well that it’s time for my summer break and time to relax, refresh, recharge, revitalise, rejuvenate (can you think of any more words beginning with re- that would fit here?).

Which of these pictures is more your holiday type?




I’d have a bit of both if I could, however budgets are tiny so no secluded beaches this time but I am getting on a plane and there will be plenty of strolling, biking, boating, cafes, art, celebrating my birthday and generally taking it easy.

I am off to an art & craft fair now then off to pack my bags. Feel free to stay for as long as you like as you sip your drink, mosey around older posts, leave comments, and I will catch up with you all when I am back in a couple of weeks.

Tot gauw!




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9 responses to “Arty living rooms + vacationing

  1. Have a wonderful summer break! Love these gorgeous images! Art really makes a room, isn’t it?


  2. No, no, no! No sneaking a little birthday announcement into the the middle of the text! Happy birthday girlfriend!

    ENJOY some time off! Relax, chill, laugh and step away from the computer! None of your good friends are going anywhere!

    Love to you,


  3. Have a wonderful holiday, and fantastic birthday!x

  4. yo, where did you find that pic of me traipsing across the beach?

    i love these images! happy birthday, dear meer. enjoy yourself and come back refreshed and energized!



  5. Ooh thats a hard one to choose – a bit of both for me too but all the pics are super fab!
    Rachie xo
    PS: Thank you for the lovely comment about our study – much appreciated xx

  6. I’ll have a vodka please 😉 My brain is feeling much the same way!

    The art in each of these rooms is fantastic. See, now, I was all about the gallery walls and now I’m thinking – crap, should I be buying one big impact piece?? Oh you do have the best images. Do you have a pinterest account? If not, you MUST get one. I need all these gorgeous images in one spot so I can peruse all the time. You do realise me hanging out here just staring at your blog may be tantamount to stalking right? Hmmm.

    Anyway, that being said, I’m probably too late to wish you a happy birthday but happy belated birthday my dear one! I hope your day is filled with sunshine and rainbows and ponies and glitter!! (or whatever makes you smile ;)) and I do hope the frazzled brain de-frazzles and you have a fabulously relaxing time! You have definitely earned it darlin xxx

  7. HAve a great holiday and fantastic birthday! the pics are beyond wonderful. the second one is my all time fav. It’s even on my twitter. Happy weekend

  8. Such beautiful images…hope you are having a wonderful vacation and the best birthday ever…enjoy!!

  9. Hello gorgeous,

    When are you back? I’m champing at the bit for your next post!! I’d say I’m a mix between the two holiday photos. Riding naked on bicycles is my thang. 😉 JOKE!!!!


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