Spot the IKEA

Real rooms… beautiful rooms… rooms that are friends with IKEA…

Being in the business of affordable interior design, I am friends with IKEA so my IKEA-radar rarely fails to spot an IKEA item. Too much IKEA in one sentence? Sorry.

These cute rooms are from Stadshem, a Swedish real estate website. Browsing the site was the most delightful procrastination I have ever done, ogling at so much lovely Scandinavian design was utter joy and my IKEA-radar was totally tickled.

Can you spot the IKEA in these rooms?

These two kitchens are adorable, I would squeeze them if I could.

My projects vary vastly in budget (shoestring to gold nugget) and in style. The traditional period sitting room where I am working on dressing a window that is 180 inches wide x 108 inches high will not be getting any IKEA, but for more eclectic/contemporary homes, a little IKEA something is often the perfect fit – either for the wallet or the style or both. But let’s not liken IKEA to cheap… I mean, some of their rugs are priced at £1,329. Each. Uh huh.

I am also currently designing a sweet bijou apartment on a modest budget. My clients are all about the modern and the sleek, no frills. I am presently working up the chic-and-cosy bedroom scheme and IKEA has come to the rescue with their extensive choices and sizes for bedroom storage which rival bespoke fitted (expensive) options, and which look great too. Clients like me when I save them £££s.

just a work-in-progress, please don’t dissect it

If there is anyone who doesn’t love the phenomenon that is IKEA, please come and see me.



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6 responses to “Spot the IKEA

  1. i spot the ikea, and i love the ikea. oh the first image is so perfect. nothing “decorated” about it, just a lovely mix. my sister and i travel to ikea often and have a blast dreaming, scheming, and feeling like we rule with our smart finds. her most recent score: a console table complete with glass top for $49 down from $135 that she uses everyday paired with a chair as a laptop station!!! brilliant!

    come work some design magic here, will you? i have stripped things down to a minimum as I am ready for change. definitely in need of meeraimagination, meerastyle, and meerachic!

    love to you, fabulous designing woman. be well this weekend!


  2. I think I spotted an Ikea light fixture in the first image and an Ikea credenza in the second image. Ikea dining chairs in the third image? And Ikea chandelier in the fourth image, perhaps? I am thinking maybe the dresser in the fifth image? I am not too sure but it’s fun to play along. I really like IKEA and bought a few things from there. A media console, a shelf, throws, sheepskin rug, a cowhide rug, some plates, some tea lights, a runner, a coat hanger, and a fruit bowl. It’s not that much Ikea stuff compared to other Ikea fans but I am planning to add more! Ikea is such a lifesaver for people with limited budget like myself! 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend, Meera!


  3. I’m an IKEA gir! I’m going to IKEA almost every weekend when I’m not travel. I feel simply inspired when I go there. the credenza on the 2nd image? I’m off for a 2 week vacation. See you in AUgust again. BIG hugs

    happy wekend

  4. Oooh these are fantastic examples of how to do Ikea ‘well’! I’ve seen some rooms that just look like they’ve come from one of their little showrooms and I just think too much Ikea isn’t always a good thing – however, that being said, I do believe that a smattering here and there, with it’s impeccable Swedish style, can look amazing. These pics are exactly on point.

    Loving the credenza in the 2nd pic and the kitchen in the 4th pic is just GORGEOUS! The chandelier looks like it might be Ikea?? Oooh such a fun game 🙂 I keep telling myself I need to get to Ikea soon but I know I need deep pockets – yes it’s very inexpensive which is exactly the problem – I want to buy everything 😉

    Oooh and I’m loving your mood board – so glam!

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend my dear! xxx

  5. I love Ikea and I miss it so much. We don’t have it in town and I wish we did. I love buying stuff for the kids playroom or the house in general.
    This post was really cool, Meera.

    Luciane at

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