The art of display

Lovely arrangements of personal treasures are a delight to behold and I can’t help but collect such images like a magpie.

Little Bits of Lovely
Gorgeous contrasting textures

Adore Home magazine Jun/Jul 2011

Lonny magazine Jul/Aug 2011

Emily Henderson


Emily Henderson

HK Living via decor8

Little Bits of Lovely

Lonny magazine Jul/Aug 2011

Hickory Chair advert in Lonny magazine Jul/Aug 2011
I adore the placement of this mirror!

Any favourites?




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6 responses to “The art of display

  1. the first image!!!! omg i want to immediately check craigslist for a drum. what a unique table. and that curlywillow-ish potted thing is fabulous. also crushing on the grey/white wallpaper or fabric in the Emily Henderson image (thanks for the link so i could pop over and enter her giveaway!).

    all of your sunny comments touched me and brightened my day today, so thank you thank you, lovely. esp loved that comment about breeding gorgeous boys. they are! on the inside as well. and let me tell you they are WILD THINGS.

    thanks for such consistent lovely on this beautiful blog and for sharing your heart so generously.

    stay lovely!


  2. My favorite is the first image! There’s just something unexpected about the curly branches on the drum side table! I love how the overall styling looks fresh and interesting!

    Definitely inspiring!


  3. The drum as a sidetable is INSPIRED!! Oh and the gnarly branches all reaching around it and framing the mirror perfectly. Swoon. And must agree with Michele, that wallpaper is amazing. Love love love.

    Yummy post, thank you – I needed a bit of yum today xxx

  4. Hi girlie,

    You have showed some wonderful posts with art and art dispaly lately! And I keep saving and saving!

    I am with Michelle – a drum as a side table – very clever!

    Warm hugs to you sweet friend,


  5. I wish you lived in my house and made it as pretty as this!!!

  6. What a gorgeous post! You have chosen some truly inspired photos – I loved it!! So many ideas… 🙂

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