Freedom of expression

The Selby

Now that is a visual definition of happy.


This post is boycotting conventions, definitions and labels

to celebrate humour and beauty

when fabulousness and individual quirkiness come together.

La Maison d’Anna

Jonathan Adler

Unconventional art, accessories, colours, lighting,

even a chandelier shaped like a ship…

each of these images is oozing personality and pizazz.

Jonathan Adler



I am trying to make a point with these images

so don’t feel like you have to pick a favourite or any such thing.

Such images make me rejoice in individualism

because without it, this would be a boring world indeed.

Emily Henderson

delight by design

Abigail Ahern

Abigail Ahern

Do you have something that is a wee bit off-the-wall in your home? Do tell!




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12 responses to “Freedom of expression

  1. I salute anyone who dares to be her/himself! You show so many great examples!

    I tend to be more playful and brave with art and pillows. I use both to injcect some humor into a room. Every room in my house has something unexpected on a wall – even if it small!

    Happy weekend Dear & Meera – with the great eye!

  2. I have this little porcelain rat’s head just above our front door in the hallway. He welcomes guests on their way in!
    It was created by a London-based ceramic artist called Martha Todd.
    I like to see people’s reactions when they notice it.

    Thanks Meera for such an inspiring post!

  3. I totally embrace quirkiness and the unexpected when it comes to decor but my husband, not so much. If I ever live by myself, I am sure my house would resembles the “Museum of Quirky”! So, I try to tone it done because the things I like would really creep him out. These are all my faves, check out my posts below:

    Great post!


  4. i have a few things that mortify my teens. the “office” with the swing our eldest calls “the pedophile lounge” and believes it should have jars of candy and video tripods pointed toward the swing (isn’t he sweeet?). and then the sheep’s jaw in an apothecary jar in the kitchen with other curiosities. and the real antlers with rosaries dangling from it.

    thanks so much for the reminder of how interiors need to have an element of fun and surprise–the freedom to express ourselves without apology!

    love to you brilliant design lover with the awesome eye. have a lovely weekend.


  5. Nothing Lasts Forever

    The first picture is really great ! And the others are so inspiring. The blue couch is really cool for a trendy living room !

  6. wonderful selection. love love that quote. hugs

  7. This post is just amazing. The quote is perfect for it and I know I’m not the kind of person that goes far from the traditional style, but I do admire people that listens to their heart and design their space according to their taste.

    Have a nice day!


    Luciane at

  8. Hey cutie,

    I LOVE that ‘Style is…’ quote. I shall remember that. It’s so important just to be yourself, isn’t it. I try to remember that it’s OUR family house and it’s up to US how we decorate!!

    Although I’m not sure I have anything anywhere near as quirky as these shots!!

    I shall have to look around for something thoroughly shocking!!


  9. Ok, is it really sad that I just went on a wild goose chase in interweb land to find the ‘Meow’ print* with the upside down black kitty? Hmmm. Maybe I shouldn’t admit that.

    I totally LOVE that a room should have an element of humour or surprise. So so agree with you! And I love these examples, so inspiring. The only thing I can think of is my french anime wallpaper that I framed for my gallery wall… hmm. Me thinks I need a bit more random in my life for sure.

    Hope you are having a lovely week my dear! Been missing your blog, needed my Meera fix 😉 xxx

    *If you are curious, I tracked it down to Mini & Maximus however it doesn’t appear that it’s still available. Sigh. I might have to try and fashion it myself 😉 They do say that plageris– I mean imitation – is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

    • You’re brilliant! Thanks for the point to Mini & Maximus, loving their stuff! Shame the fantastic MEOW print was a limited edition and sold out, but yes I’m sure you can fashion something similar!

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  11. What a lovely post! I love it when people add a large dose of individuality to the interior design mix.

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