Gallery walls made easy

Following my Gallery Walls post, a lovely reader emailed me to say that she has wanted to put up a gallery wall for ages but has held back for fear of her arrangement not looking good.

This got me wondering if there is anyone else out there who is holding back for fear of putting holes in the wall only to be unsatisfied with the display arrangement (rectifiable but a bit of a pain). Some people are able to ‘eyeball’ it but some of us need a little more planning to be sure it’s going to look great, so I thought I’d share the simple little tip that I use when helping clients with their art displays.

  1. Choose the style of display that you are most drawn to.
  2. Measure up your frames and/or canvases and cut out these sizes from brown kraft paper.
  3. Use Scotch-Blue™ painter’s tape (safest thing to prevent paint peeling off your walls, in my opinion) to position the pieces and experiment till you’re happy with the spacing, frame sizes and overall display.
  4. When you’re sure and double-sure that you love the arrangement, install the picture-hanging hardware through the paper, pull away the paper, hang your frames and enjoy your very own gallery.

images above from Cool Photo Ideas

In this example, using an imaginary horizontal line as an anchor, art pieces are arranged above and below the line, giving a cohesively balanced display while still allowing eclecticism – a great style for beginners if you’re unsure where to start.


If you’ve been thinking about putting up a gallery wall, do it!
And send me a photo 🙂



While we’re on the subject of arty walls, here is some more inspiration –

Cool Photo Ideas

Elle Decor

Dan Duchars

Caribbean Belle


via Life.Style.etc

Apartment Therapy

via Mix and Chic

Any favourites?



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10 responses to “Gallery walls made easy

  1. Oooh I love the 9th image with the moody grey walls

  2. Nothing Lasts Forever

    This is all very inspiring ! Thank’s for sharing ! Check out :

  3. Great post, my friend!!!

    It’s always wonderful to read your posts!

    Enjoy your day!


    Luciane at

  4. Looks so great – we are doing a gallery wall in our study – its nearly finished at last!!

    Oh btw – would be so grateful if you could vote for me here:

    And tell your friends xxx

  5. yes! blank walls are criminal 🙂 wonderful images! hugs hugs

  6. Hi girlie,

    Lots of inspiration here! I have never tried the kraft paper gallery set up, but it sure makes it easier!

    And you remind me that I need to get white frame ledges from Ikea. They are always out of the long ones. I love that look.

    The kids are out of school for the summer and I will spend less time on the computer. But I still love you!!


  7. omg that dan duchars purple wall. i’m blown away by lovely. i can’t use that color in this beachy house, can i? it’s the color i envisioned for my bedroom walls when i was little. love this post and will def return when i get to that stage (my office/library/whatever room needs a gallery wall).



  8. I used newspaper and bluetack when I started mine in my dining room and STILL ended up moving things around once they were up! But, hey, whats a few nail holes between friends? 😉

    I love the examples you’ve shown, the Elle Decor one in the loft is just gorgeous but I’ll take that gold chesterfield sofa with it please!

    Have a fabulous weekend my dear, hope you are well! xxx

  9. I really like the poster gallery wall and the hanger idea gallery wall via Apartment Therapy! Not to forget my own inspiration picture. 🙂

  10. Nice blog, very informative and we loved the images. If you ever consider another blog on this topic please consider our product Picture Perfect Hanger® I invented it after trying to hang a group of pictures for my wife. It took me hours to finally get them all right. My hanger lets you slide your frame in any direction with the touch of your finger. It really is amazing, see for yourself

    Thanks again for the blog…really did enjoy it!!

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