Gallery walls

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There are a couple of walls in my home that are crying out for an arty display so gallery walls have been on my mind for a while. I know they have been all over catalogues and blogs, but I don’t know anyone who isn’t a fan of good art displays so hopefully you won’t mind going through yet another post about gallery goodness. 🙂

I find gallery walls delightful for the creative freedom and expression they allow as there are so many ways to put together an artful display, but sometimes this makes it difficult to know where to begin. When I help clients with their art displays, I find the best way to start is by figuring out what level of eclecticism vs structure is desired. So I have grouped my favourite gallery images into 4 categories, ranging from very eclectic to very structured.


(1) Organic and random

Graham Moss

Wall & Keogh Organic Tea House in Dublin; image via Think Contemporary

via snOOp

Livingetc April 2011, Molteni & C advert


(2) Chicly eclectic


Room & Board

Apartment Therapy

Lonny May-June 2011


(3) Cohesively balanced

Sköna hem

Graham Moss

casa diseno


(4) Themed and symmetrical

Pulp Design Studios

source unknown

Livingetc April 2011

decor pad

House Beautiful


Do you have a gallery wall in your home? Any favourites here?




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8 responses to “Gallery walls

  1. Good post. I love how you put them in categories for easy reference. I really like the cohesively balanced and themed and symmetrical. Knowing myself, these art groupings would suit my personality the best although I like other groupings, too.


  2. ooooh i like this post! in my childhood home we always had several gallery walls in the house, and i still remember the pieces on the wall. my sister has the most incredible themed/symmetrical arrangement in her family room, and i’ll ask if i can share it and link back to this post! love the graham moss image and how you were able to conceptualize what appears to be randomness into fun helpful categories.


  3. Great shots….love the last one so much!

  4. they are wonderful, Meera! love the Pulp Design Studios image. hugs hugs

  5. Nothing Lasts Forever

    The first shote is amazing ! Your blog is so inspiring ! Check out my blog :

  6. Oh what a great post with so many GREAT images! I love what you’ve done here with catagorising everything! I have a gallery wall in my hallway that is very Themed & Symmetrical (all white frames, all of W’s travels in South America and perfectly symmetrically placed) and then I have my gallery wall in my dining room which is definitely Organic & Random. I am fighting my need for symmetry in all my decorating so with the dining room, have really gone the other direction with trying to acheive an eclectic mix which still manages a cohesive balance. A challenge for me anyway!

    Do you think there is any harm in having varying types of galleries in one home?


    • Thank you Red 🙂
      The gallery walls in your home are gorgeous, and I love that you mix things up! No reason why you can’t have different types of galleries in different rooms, as each room has its own character. Variety is the spice of life, as they say 🙂

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