Book Review: My Heart Wanders

You may know from this post how excited I was to receive my copy of Pia Jane Bijkerk’s latest book, My Heart Wanders, and I am even more excited to be reviewing it for you, because my goodness, it is a treat!

This book is captivating right from the first flick of the pages, for the photography and styling throughout is absolutely breathtaking. As I settled with a pot of tea to read Pia’s story, I found myself mesmerised.

Ever since hearing about Pia, I have been curious about her behind-the-scenes story. In this book, through writing that is deeply personal and candid, visualised through photography that is enchanting, Pia delicately reveals her story. Her introspective words feel almost poetic and had me following her journey with her.

Pia’s soulful memoir is a tale of love and of bravely taking risks as she follows her heart and moves to Europe, leaving behind a comfortable life in Sydney. She lays her thoughts bare to the reader, from her cravings for tea, to her creative passions, even to her doubts and fears that embarking on such a journey bring up.

As if her words alone aren’t captivating enough, every turn of the page brings a visual treat. Even the chapters are labelled with exquisite styling and photography.

A key element which echos throughout the book is the ideology of ‘home’. As Pia meanders through this journey of self-discovery, she shares her revelations on what home means to her.

Everyday moments are charmingly recounted as she sets up home, first in a Parisian apartment then in a little houseboat in Amsterdam: from combing the Parisian markets for the perfect dining table and scouring the streets in search of pallets to make a bed, to her inspirations that guide her as she organically transformed the houseboat into a cosy delightful home.

She says:

is the place in my heart…
is wherever my heart is…

An inspiring story, poetically told and beautifully visualised, this is a book that will sit on my coffee table and one that I know I will pick up often.

If you too want to feel Pia’s magic, then this enchanting book is a must. You can order your copy here (Amazon UK).

Happy weekend, mes amis!

P.S. – A heartfelt thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts on my last post, I wish I could come and give you a hug in person. You are all wonderful and I feel incredibly happy to have found you in blogland.




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6 responses to “Book Review: My Heart Wanders

  1. This book looks absolutely captivating and it’s been added to my (ever-growing) Amazon wishlist. I decided recently that I’m going to invest more in beautiful books and it’s lovely to have bloggie mates to recommend the most delicious. Gorgeous review and thank you!

    Hope you are enjoying your bank holiday weekend my lovely xxx

  2. I LOOOOOVE reading book reviews. It’s one of the reasons I started reviewing the odd book here and there on my blog. This looks like a fab book – the photos are making me drool! Thank you so muchf ro the recommendation.


  3. It looks like a wonderful book…one I must add to my ever growing collection!! Hope you have a great weekend ~

  4. love your review! love the book! can i say more? BIG hugs to you

  5. Wow, Meera! Great book review!

    I didn’t read any book this year yet (I know!!!! So bad!), but I’ve been so tired, busy. This is inspiring me to drop by a book store soon.

    Have a Happy week!


    Luciane at

  6. can’t wait to have my copy!

    this recurring theme for Pia: enhancing the everyday…is something we have in common. for me, that means intentionally striving to be more present in moments NOW and collecting beauty, not regret.

    beautiful review, meera. as always, whatever you’re sellin’, i’m buyin’.


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