The art of patience: wallpaper-effect painted walls

Have you ever been in a situation where you have an idea of what you’re looking for, but can’t find it in your colour/style preference or within your budget?

>>I see some nods.<<

In particular, wallpaper.

>>More nods. I am also nodding.<<

I recently came across an incredibly creative and fabulous blogger, Emily of Jones Design Company who faced such a predicament and so she decided she would paint a wallpaper-effect.

This is a case study of brilliant creative thinking and also PATIENCE.

She liked the pattern on this curtains image and drew out a template from it. (The template is downloadable as a pdf file, if you want to give this a go.)

Once the template was traced all over the walls, she painted over it using a brush of the desired width.

Love the pattern

Looking fabulous!

The finished result: WOW!

Are you also feeling massive admiration for Emily? Mmhmm.
For the full tutorial, click here.

Would you attempt this? Do you have the patience?

I came across someone who did!

Lovely Landee from Landee See, Landee Do blog used this method on her stair wall:

Close up of pattern

The pattern in metallic silver looks fabulous against the soft blue. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! For Landee’s full post, click here.


I’ll ask you again – would you do this? Do you have the patience?

I’ll be honest, I absolutely love what both these ladies have done but even if I had the time to do something like this (unlikely), I wouldn’t have the patience.

The template idea is still fabulous for small areas where you can customise the size of the template – think trays, cushions, art… but for walls, wouldn’t it be great to have a quicker solution?

For anyone else who is time-poor and/or lacks such patience, but would love to have such an effect on your walls, you are about to love me a whole lot because I have found the solution for you!

Cutting Edge Stencils have large stencils that will quickly give you a wallpaper-effect painted wall. The Casablanca stencil, found in the Damask/Allover category is similar to Emily’s pattern:

There are many other patterns to choose from too. They ship internationally so no worries there! Ok, so buying a stencil will add to the cost a tad, but it’ll still be heaps cheaper than wallpaper, save you lots of time, you get to choose your colours and it will beat the bother of hanging wallpaper! Win win win. 🙂




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8 responses to “The art of patience: wallpaper-effect painted walls

  1. All great designs but I have to agree with you. I would never have the patience to do something like that on my walls.

  2. These will take so much time but will definitely be worth it. How beautiful! 🙂

    ❤ Belly B

  3. Not on your life would I EVER have the patience to take on what those ladies did! Don’t get me wrong, it looks amazing and what a result! But could I – the girl with the patience of like a 4 year old – handle a project that could potentially take MONTHS to complete? Erm. Not likely.

    Love your shortcut suggestion, though – even that would probably take more patience than what I have but would definitely be an improvement!

    Hope you are having a fabulous weekend my darling – so glad you enjoyed the Castle Gibson series! MC Motors is my favourite as well and I totally had a music video in mind too!! Hahaha! Great minds eh?! Love your other ideas too! If you can’t dream, what can ya do, eh? xxx

  4. Wow, what a fantastic result, it must be so rewarding to work on something for so long and see such a brilliant improvement! I admire these ladies, thanks for sharing Meera!

  5. This really is super inspirational! Looks so fab! xx

  6. wow for the finishing result and for the Close up of pattern…I received the book on Saturday! I’m so enjoying reading it. warm hugs to you

  7. so so admirable! it looks stunning. hmmm. i do have the patience, yes. however i know myself. too quickly bored with pattern, i am better off staying away from them except for maybe a canvas with a little stenciled somethin somethin.

    tryin to figure out how i will keep up with this blogging business as the weather is so heavenly and so many other things are leading me away from the laptop!

    hugs, gorgeous lady.


  8. Pandora

    That is absolutely amazing! What patience and great reward to create something that looks so fabulous!

    Pandora from Home and Decor

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