Loo roll wall

Hello lovelies! I hope you’ve all had a great week!

Sorry about the lack of blogging activity lately, work and life have been getting in the way!

Anyway, TGIF, yes?

I recently came across this bathroom which has a loo roll wall.

What do you think – cool and arty or sign of OCD?

via desire to inspire

A little voice in my head would be itching to mess with it, but I suspect that would NOT BE ALLOWED. 😛

Happy weekend, darlings!




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18 responses to “Loo roll wall

  1. This is not a bad idea, really! A combination of form and function is a wonderful thing! It’s artistic in a way, too. 🙂


  2. ya know cool/arty and OCD don’t have to be mutually exclusive. *ahem* they can actually be best friends. which is why when my husband sees this he will say HALLELUJAH, I LOVE THAT BLOGGER MEERA. he cannot have a sufficient surplus of TP in the house, and it’s a source of irritation for me at times. Why not live with beautifully arranged TP every single day and reduce the anxiety of all who shall use the loo?

    i do love how your mind works, lovely lady.

    i’ll be painting ceilings in the basement this weekend!

    hugs from an OCD vixen.


  3. GB

    OCD, totally! And I can just imagine my little guy pulling out the very roll that’s holding up all the rest. No can do, thank you! 😀

    Hope you have a great weekend, Meera!

  4. Shanthi

    Lovely loo, though I am doubtful if I would make one like that 🙂

  5. Is that a man standing with a glass of wine in the bathroom…or am I seeing things?!! My slight concern would be how old those loo rolls actually are. Would they get a bit dirty?? Ughhh!!!

    I *did* get your email and I LOVED it!! Thank you so much. Will reply properly shortly.


  6. To me it doesn’t matter if the shelf is stacked with loo rolls, logs or books – it’s all fabulous to me! More is more in instances like these..!

    Thanks for the comment today.

    x Charlotta

  7. Ack!! Whilst I can appreciate the form follows function philosophy here, what I can’t get over is feeling like I’m in Costco’s loo roll aisle. There’s just some things that are better off displayed in smaller quantities! lol

    Hope you are having a fab weekend, my lovely!

    PS Sarah’s comment about the man with the glass of wine (so observant that girl) nearly made me spit mine out with laughter!

  8. hahahah funny…totally OCD. My kid would seriously have too much fun knocking the all down.

  9. Too much OCD! What if one of the rolls get used…do they actually go and replace it ASAP? Why would you spend your time decorating loo wall like this? I think this is a good idea for storage not decor!

  10. funny but creative..there is something architectural 🙂 Happy new week!

  11. Hi my dear,

    I can’t decide… Yes, too organization, but perhaps no to showing it off… so much… Artsy yes. But a little too much in my face…. I don’t know… I can’t decide if I like it or not!!!! And that is how I start my week – not knowing anything! Ha!

    Warm hugs to you,


  12. kinda cool… but weird… but cool lol

  13. I’ve loved reading all your comments on this one! Like some of you, I still can’t decide what I think of it, but it’s been so interesting to hear your thoughts! xx

  14. Really creative and practical. I think it would be a huge hit with little ones

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