Vintage posters

I’m going crazy over all the vintage poster art in this Soho loft.

The Chesterfield, traditional rug, vintage dresser and large windows are adding to my excitement.

Even in the bathroom!


This kind of cool renders me lost for words and weak in the knees. What might you call such an affliction?


Images via Houzz




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21 responses to “Vintage posters

  1. cynthia

    OH! nice.i like it 🙂

  2. I’d call it EFFINAWESOMEITIS. lol

    Oh my god, this is giving me heart palipatations, Meera!! I am loving the vintage and modern elements, the posters (as I told you, I’m thinking of some vintage adverts on my gallery wall in my dining room!), the CHESTERFIELD (which as you know, I have a particular penchant for given my own), the gorgeous vintage rug, those WINDOWS (dying), the dark wood floors… definitely going in my inspiration folder. Wow. What a find!!

  3. La dee da! I love them vintage posters. I particulary go back to this restaurant that I fancy not only for its italian cuisine, but because they have these wonderful vintage posters that they display every 3 months. Pity my hubby just does not understand why I LOOOOVEEE them.
    That orange couch is letting me drool as well.

  4. HELLO Chesterfield and shabby sideboard! The poster in the bathroom is just so fab too! x

  5. That big ol’ wall would be a challenge to make cozy, but those vintage poster definitely did the trick. Love the chippy sideboard too.

    Thank you for joining Post Of The Month Club! I hope you’ll link in next month too. XOL

  6. What a great looking loft. love that theres a poster in the bathroom too 🙂
    The two different sofa’s are a nice touch.

  7. I don’t know what you would call such an affliction but I have a touch of it too! Must be contagious! They really give the space an aura of glamour. Popped over from Laura’s post of the month club, and enjoyed my visit, love Linda x

  8. Wonderful post and inspiring images. I am glad I found your lovely blog, now following!

    Have a wonderful day!


  9. i can’t possibly dream up a word to describe it since i’m still drooling on my keyboard over that window wall. omg. genius. gorgeous find, meera.



  10. Calling by from Post of The Month Club, some great interiors.

  11. love vintage posters! I really have one in th bathroom. It’s a map of SOuth America 🙂 Hugs

  12. They’re so fun!!! Can’t help but love all the color they add to the space.

    Have a great day, sweetie.


    Luciane at

  13. I agree! And they all come with such warm colors. They really add coziness to the rooms. I never thought that a cluster of vintage posters would look that great on a wall. You inspired me – like always!

    Hope you are having a lovely Spring week, girly!

    ox, Mon

  14. OMG – totally lost for words on that Soho loft too – its fabulous!! xx

  15. Hi my friend, I have actually already commented on this post – but it did not go through?! Or you axed me! (:

    I had no idea that a cluster of vintage posters could look so lovely together! And these in particular add warmt to the rooms. I think the black and the rust colors are the winning combination!

    Lovely as always!


  16. Oooh, yes!! I REALLY like the look of this. Somehow, having them all grouped together like that takes away from any tweeness at all.

    LOVE this whole space. Yum!!


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