Cheers William & Kate

KK Outlet


Have fun watching/avoiding the royal wedding and a super weekend after, darlings! 🙂




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6 responses to “Cheers William & Kate

  1. thank you for your kind words. you deserve the time off so soak it up!

    the plan is we’ll set the alarm and eat swedish pancakes while watching wils tie the knot (not english pancakes because for our family, swedish are the only pancakes we know!).

    i am in paradise, and the weather is just the way i like it. sunny and warm breezes.

    love to you!


  2. Good for you! Enjoy your day off!
    I’ve been up for about 19 mins now…to watch THE wedding on TV.

  3. enjoy your day, Meera! love to you

  4. I can’t imagine being in london during the royal wedding… hectic. Watched it from the comfort of my own home all the way here in china 🙂 Happy weekend!

  5. I LOVE this plate, it’s awesome! The wedding was lovely but the day off was even lovelier lol xxx

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