Plum Chutney

(No, this is not another foodie post.)

A few days ago I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Anita Mackenzie, founder of Plum Chutney. (Yes, meeting, like in person, over cocktails! I was awestruck and starstruck and had the best time getting to know her!)

I discovered Plum Chutney through decor8’s ‘LinkWithin’ widget and instantly fell for the energy, gorgeousness and quirkiness of the products. I entered the ‘Plum Picks’ contest and much to my delight, lovely Anita emailed me back. She was visiting Nottingham for a few days and we decided to meet up. (Talk about serendipity!) Anita is as lively, delightful and fun as her products!

Anita grew up amidst the bustle of India and following her move to the UK, she has loved discovering the creative and innovative approaches adopted by independent artisans and craftsters in the west. (Long live Google!)

Her products embody the energy and vibrancy of all things Indian (rickshaws, street scenes, colourful trucks, dazzling attire, maharajas…), interpreted through her fascination of graphic and quirky design. She works with talented designers and sources from very selective companies in India to develop her stunning collections.

Visit Plum Chutney to check out all the exciting ranges of cushions, throws, art, lamps, tea towels and even shopper bags. If you are a colour lover, well then there’s no case for argument 🙂 but even in a more neutral setting, a little something from Plum Chutney may be just the thing to add a bit of zing, don’t you think?




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7 responses to “Plum Chutney

  1. WOW! The pink chariot cushion is ace!x

  2. I bet you had a great time! 2 creative girls getting together!

    I love Anit’as quirkydesigns and vibrant colors. Not the same old, same old.

    I will hop to her store.

    Happy, hopping Easter to you my friend. You are a gem.

    ox, Mon

  3. her work is very cool, and i love the zing of that print to the right of the tote with all the red. fabulous.

    suddenly craving plum chutney and a cocktail, and it’s smack dab in the middle of lunch and dinner time with no chutney in sight.


    and keep bringing awesome content like this to your fabulous blog!


  4. How fun to meet in person…lucky you. Love the artwork – so bright and interesting!!

  5. fun! I like the bag a lot. It’s somehow unique…Happy Easter holidays!

  6. Oh your meeting sounds lovely and her website is even lovelier! Goodness, so much gorgeous eye candy – I think every interior deserves a shot of colour, even if it’s unexpected – just adds another fantastic layer, no?

    Hope you are enjoying the bank holidays my dear! xxx

  7. Happy Easter and hugs to you

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