Interior moods

a state or quality of feeling at a particular time

Spring may have you inexplicably gravitating towards CORAL colours (No? Am I the only one? It’s ok, I know a fad when I get one, so I won’t turn my house coral but I will allow myself to ogle over some coral beauties… I see a coral post coming up in the near future!). Or on a hot summer’s day, you may find yourself in a ‘white’ mood, craving the serenity and coolness of a beautiful white bedroom. How about wanting to be seduced and cocooned in a low-lit, dark-walled room on an autumn evening?

We all have certain style preferences that we are generally loyal to when decorating our homes, but we appreciate other styles too and it’s nice to look around at other options to indulge in some fantasy and satisfy our current moods, yes? Sometimes this looking around even starts to evolve our style talent. Blogging has definitely done this for me. That’s what this blog is about. I feature inspirations that generally reflect my state of mind, brought about either by project research or personal whims.

I’ve come up with a dozen interior moods that I think cover most styles:

1. Serene / Calm

2. Laid back / Chilled out

3. Soulful

4. Dreamy

5. Romantic

6. Elegant

7. Composed

8. Glamorous

9. Sultry / Seductive

10. Cheery / Playful

11. Energised

12. Wild

So there you have it – 12 interior moods, according to me. All images I tested could definitely be classed within these moods, so I deem this mood chart legit.

Would anyone like to challenge this? 🙂

Is anyone else tickled by ‘Composed’ being shown upside-down?

You may be feeling one, two or three of these moods today (maybe more), and they may or may not be the same as your constant moods which is how you decorate your home.

So, my lovelies, I would love to know where you would point the ‘hour’ (most significant mood), ‘minute’ (a little significant) and ‘second’ (just a touch) hands today. Are the moods you have chosen reflected in how you like to decorate? Feel free to point all 3 hands on the same mood if that’s your feeling.


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Images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12




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19 responses to “Interior moods

  1. My hour hand is on Laid Back (four children? Hello?!), minute on Serene and second hand on Elegant. You have no idea how much flicking up and down my screen I had to do to find that out!!! I LOVE your clock idea.
    I LOVE following your blog, Meera. You show FANTASTIC ideas.

  2. Oh Meera, you are a bleedin’ GENIUS. I LOVE this! I find it so hard sometimes to decide whether or not I love something because it appeals to me at that moment or if will be something that I will love forever (fear of commitment, moi?) 🙂 So I am loving this little clock so that I can define it as a MOOD or multiple moods. With so much beauty out there in interiors, it’s nice to have a means of catagorising it all.

    Oh and I am loving coral as well at the moment! Note, the coral roses in my dining room hahaha And yes, my dear, you gloat all you want. No apologies necessary.

    So for me… my hour hand is at Sultry/Seductive (wink wink nudge nudge), with the minute hand at Soulful and the second hand at Glamorous.

    And you are getting a massive great big cyber hug right back baby. I’m so glad I “know” you *hugs*


  3. GB

    My picks?–Definitely the ones with color in them! Cheery, energized and romantic! andddddddd (I’m not done here!) I also loved laid back and elegant (but those are more of an acquired taste in my case, I’m guessing).

    PS: hadn’t noticed “composed ” was ulta pulta till you pointed it out, but oh, the joy it brings me! 😀

    PPS: Bring on the coral. I love the color!

  4. Oh, I do love the calm photo.

  5. Love this Meera – can I be and elegant, serene, laid back, glamorous gal?!! Clearly love lots of looks ~

  6. you are amazing, and your post is pure genius! i so love the images you’ve paired with each mood. i agonized a little over this blog party’s topic. i felt…fuzzy.

    my mood clock? one of those broken ones with hands and springs popping out all over the place. serene, dreamy, elegant, ooooh yes. my clock is broken but it has its place and its charm.

    love your intuitive style, your openness, and let’s face it, you’re a classy chick with eeeeeeexxxxxxcellent taste. so happy to call you friend.



  7. How exciting, I love this!
    So today, I’m feeling:
    Dreamy on the HOUR
    Laid back/chilled out on the MINUTE
    but definitely a touch of Cheery/playful on the SECOND
    This post made me smile, thank you

  8. So pretty! I love your range of moods Meera. I think my time is set to 5.30 and 10 seconds (serene and laid-back with a touch of elegance). – Melissa x

  9. Love your style description. I find myself following between Serene and Calm and Laid Back.

  10. There’s not enough hands on this clock!


  11. Wow – this is one of the best posts I have come across in ages!! I love how you found the ‘mood’ theme, and the images you chose. Brilliantly done. For me, I am soulfull by the hour, cheeful for the minute and serene by the second! But of course, that changes every other minute… 🙂 Thank you for this!

  12. Hmmm, I’ll take a little cheery, a helping of soulful and just a touch of composed if you don’t mind. Great visualization! -Diane

  13. This is such a great way to think about decorating style–very creative and dare I say more specific. I think I like “elegant”, then “Laid-back” then “serene/calm”–although I think my house is a little more split personality than this might suggest.

  14. Shanthi

    WOW I just love this
    I pick Soulful, elegant and Laidback / chilled.
    Lovely post Meera and thanks for all the nice words you leave behind on my blog 🙂

  15. beautiful selction. I love the Soulful one – nr. 3. happy Friday 😉

  16. Smooches to all you beautiful people! Your lovely comments have had me floating on soft fluffy clouds 🙂

  17. LOVE the colour of those cushions in “composed”! I’d love a whole room around that colour called “Fresh”!!

    Really excited that I’ve stumbled on your blog. I’m hoping to move in with my boyfriend (do I really have to live with a boy) soon and will definitely be back!

  18. Love the interior mood theme, Meera!! What a great idea. I can be so many of these, but I gravitate toward composed, dreamy, and serene. Great post!!

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