When a door makes you stop and stare

Marie Claire Maison

Sisters Diane and Evelyn de Clercq converted an ancient Roman warehouse into this amazing space that combines workshops and living rooms. The doors in this home-studio were sourced from Italian flea-markets and this particular gorgeous large door was found in Umbria and dates back to the eighteenth century!

I have a sudden need to go to Italy with a great big vehicle and roam the flea-markets!

Are you staring?




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15 responses to “When a door makes you stop and stare

  1. The whole space is spectacular, but certainly the doors are showstopping…gorgeous!! Hope you’ve had a great weekend, Meera!!

  2. Shanthi

    Lovely door – OLD is always GOLD

  3. totally staring….love these big old doors!

  4. So stunning! Cant believe they replaced the doors – very cool xo

  5. love old doors. wonderful pairing of title & image! happy new week!

  6. Oh wow, those are absolutely AMAZING. I’ll take 2 of those please, along with the window and those lovely industrial styled shelves as well…

    Great find my dear!

  7. coooooool. staring. i’ve got a great antique wholesaler out here who imports the most amazing doors, and my husband and i dream of someday building a house incoporating all the unusual ancient ones we love.

    love the other interesting objects in this space as well!



  8. What great doors. I love ’em! It must be so great living in a REALLY old, big house. I don’t feel I could use those doors in our Edwardian house. I’d love to but they’d look kind of wrong. But there, in the photo, they look just perfect!


  9. I am coming with you! I will even drive!

    (And I spent 5 months in Firenze so I can also order something from the local menu!)

    Warm hugs to you


  10. Oh, yes! I’m staring at it. What a piece of art! Gorgeous!

    How are you doing, sweetie? I’m sorry I don’t come here every day. I’m trying to spend a little bit less time siting in front of the computer. I’ve being feeling really tired and I’m growing!!! LOL

    I love your blog… it’s so beautiful and you’re so talented, Meera.

    Have a wonderful day!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  11. Mia

    Love both the door and the colour bobbinets!
    xo Mia

  12. I came across another post with awesome doors in a similar vein and now you’ve got me thinking about being braver with our doors!!! Not saying I *will* be brave, just that you’ve got me thinking!


  13. That door is just so unexpected in that space-but just beautiful! Such an inspiring image!

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