Lavender loveliness

I am feeling rather seduced by the pretty lavender accents in this glorious Madrid loft.

In fact, I am seduced by the whole space. It is such a perfect balance of rustic industrial and contemporary with soft sumptuous textures, beautiful colours and a laid-back vibe. Swoon worthy, I say!

Images: micasarevista



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13 responses to “Lavender loveliness

  1. And the poppies! My middle daugther’s name is Elsa Poppy!

    I can not decide if I should get a couple of Tolix chairs or not. I have not been sitting on one long enough. Are you still sitting after a few hours?

    Happy new week to you friend,


  2. Shanthi

    Mystical find – Lovely !!!! Have a happy week ahead.

  3. Um….yeah!! I love those floor-lenth charcoal curtains. And when I say ‘love’, I really mean ‘I want them and I want them right now’!! And the kitchen… gorgeous.


  4. Beautiful pops of lavender…love the space!!

  5. Beautiful space! Love that reclaimed cabinet in the first picture… oh my…

  6. lavender is so magical isn’t it? i love wearing the color, and you never see too much of it in the marketplace. how bout the scale of those windows in that charcoal space? SHAZAM!

    i so love coming here and being transported and learning lessons so thank you!

    and i cherish your comments (which typically crack me up) and friendship!



  7. I love how the lavender here is subtle–these are intoxicating images! Love your blog!

  8. Rachie

    Stunning !! Love the first chair and the kitchen!
    Rachie xo
    Ps thankyou for all your lovely comments recently sweetie! X

  9. Lavender is one of my favorite colors.

    I love how subtle the pictures are, Meera… you chose them well!

    Enjoy your day, sweetie!


    Luciane at

  10. Love that lavender rug under the dining table. So pretty!

  11. The rug under the dining table is just amazing and I love the eclectic mix of modern and industrial. This just looks ‘lived in’ and inviting and the lavender just adds to that vibe. Gorgeous find!!

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