The charm of oriental rugs – inspiration by Patric Johansson

Years ago, when I was studying the theory and rules of interior design, I came across Patric Johansson’s portfolio and was immediately captivated. All his photography is amazing, but I was particularly drawn to the use of oriental rugs in relatively modern settings.

For someone who was like a newborn in the design world at the time, this made me open my eyes wide in wonder, as I had previously associated oriental rugs with traditional rooms.

I learned an important design lesson that day, a lesson that stays with me every day which I think most of you will agree with – FORGET THE RULES! 🙂    Well, to an extent.

Mix things up for charm and add an oriental rug (or three!) as a classic denominator to ground the scheme.

Bluuuueee 🙂

I love the air of refined eclecticism that an oriental rug brings to a space.

Gorgeous, no?


All images from Patric Johansson’s portfolio on Söderberg Agentur




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13 responses to “The charm of oriental rugs – inspiration by Patric Johansson

  1. beautiful images. i haven’t found the right one for our home yet (i don’t like new ones), but my peepers are always on the lookout.

    the blog is looking so gorgeous, my friend. bravo.


  2. There’s nothing quite like the warmth of an oriental rug…gorgeous images!!

  3. You’ve chosen great photos for this post. I especially like the last image. The way it draws your eyes through the different doorways to the picture of the face at the end. Gorgeous.

    Oh, and I love the rugs too!!


  4. Great collection of rooms – I love oriental rugs, particularly on white floors.

  5. The sofa on the 2nd picture is…absolutly beautiful!! I wish I had one like this!! Beautiful pictures!

  6. I have to admit…there is something about oriental rugs…classic.

  7. These photos are great. I love the art work simply propped up on the sideboard opposite the dining table. So cool.

  8. I am glad you pointed this out – I’m not sure I would have noticed. I love eclectic style 🙂 XOL

  9. Love the rugs. Thankyou for stopping by and leaving a comment, I do appreciate it. Love Linda x

  10. Oh you know my thoughts on oriental rugs in more modern settings so you are KILLING me here with these gorgeous images! Booooo to W saying no to one but that doesn’t mean I don’t still have a quick look anytime I’m in a thrift shop – I keep thinking that at some point, I’ll find the perfect pre-loved one and he won’t be able to say no to me 😉 (Wishful thinking eh?)

    Regardless, I love this post – fab fab fab x

  11. Hello. I love this post – of course..! It always thrills me when I see Swedish talent featured, and Söderberg’s is full of just that.

    Am also madly in love with those little ‘monkey candle holders’ in the second to last photo. They crack me up!

    Happy week to you.

    xx Charlotta

  12. Jakob Ørsted Pedersen

    Where can I buy the “blue” version of Oriental rug?
    Please contact me by mail:

    Thanks 🙂

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